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10 Items NOT to Search For Online

Black Friday looms just ahead, lurking less than two days away and waiting patiently like a sleeping dragon, yearning for our large sacks of hard earned cash. While maxed credit cards and empty bank accounts await consumers by the end of Monday, other predators seek a different treasure this holiday season: your valuable credentials.

To help open the eyes of turkey-weary present hunters, security firm F-Secure has released its Cyber Monday Cyber-Watch List, a yearly compilation of the most dangerous gifts consumers will be shopping for online this holiday season. The list points to popular search terms that will likely produce hazardous results on Google or other search engines.

"Many people don’t expect to find that Google search results often include links to poisoned sites," F-Secure said on Tuesday. "These malicious sites can infect an unsecured PC with malware, wasting precious time and money. The more popular a gift is the more likely you are to find a dangerous search result."

Here is F-Secure's Top 10 list:

  • 1. Kinect for Xbox
  • 2. Call of Duty: Black Ops
  • 3. Jewelry
  • 4. Amazon Kindle
  • 5. Toys
  • 6. Black Friday Deals
  • 7. Cyber Monday Deals
  • 8. Toy Story 3
  • 9. Susan Boyle
  • 10. Apple iPad

F-Secure suggests that consumers visit retailers directly online if possible. They should also (naturally) use internet security software that features browsing protection. Finally, always make sure the site's URL begins with https:// before making any purchases.

According to Sean Sullivan, a security analyst at F-Secure, the more common scams send browsers to a Javascript page flashing fake anti-virus, or "scareware." Others hackers create fake websites and/or banner ads listed in the top search results that can infect unsecured computers. He also added that attackers know in advance which search terms to target with malicious links.

"Usually they have to react to trends," he said. "It's an extra advantage on their part to know whats coming."

We're just wondering what Susan Boyle has to do with Cyber Monday, honestly. Anyone?

  • mojito_619
    lol @ Susan Boyle as a top search
  • maigo
    Why would you google kindle? you can ONLY get it from Amazon
  • _Cubase_
    Meanwhile, I went looking for illicit content, and found myself landing on legitimate sites! WTF?
  • cookoy
    just searched Susan Boyle. PC still ok. Maybe i should search for those missing Playstation 3.
  • Actually you can get the Kindle from Best Buy now too.
  • LuckyDucky7
    You know what else will potentially give you hazardous results?

    Searching for "Free Porn".
  • Camikazi
    LuckyDucky7You know what else will potentially give you hazardous results?Searching for "Free Porn".Oddly enough, I've seen more virus and adware download attempts from searching for normal things then when I do searching for free porn :P
  • lejay
    maigoWhy would you google kindle? you can ONLY get it from AmazonI know people who google "" when they want to go on facebook. You'd be surprised.
  • gm0n3y
    No GT5?
  • blazeorangeman
    what's the web address for again?