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Is This Motorola's First Intel-powered ICS Phone?

There were quite a few eye-catching products at CES (Samsung's eye-catching OLED TV among them), but one of the most talked about announcements was Intel's unveiling of the Lenovo K800, the first Medfield-based smartphone. Today, we're getting a peek at another Intel-based phone, this one from Motorola.

Pocket-Now claims to have gotten hold of photos and details of Motorola's first Ice Cream Sandwich phone. Though that in itself is interesting, the fact that it's also said to be Atom-based is what caught our eye. Pocket-Now doesn't name a source for these photos, but the company says it will have a new version of Motorola's MotoBlur UI, as well as a high-end camera that offers instant-on capabilities and 15 fps burst capture.

Sadly, Pocket-Now's source didn't provide any more juicy details, so that's our lot for now. However, with Mobile World Congress just over a week away, we're expecting to see this device and others like it in more official circumstances very, very soon.

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