HTC's Windows Phone 8X Receives First Update

HTC has confirmed that its Windows Phone-based 8X is set to receive its first update from Microsoft. The 'Portico' update offers a batch of new features and bug fixes.

The over-the-air Windows Phone 8 update includes the ability to create SMS draft messages, reject calls with SMS, as well as a "select all" option for mass deletion. A fix for a WiFi bug has also been implemented. HTC 8X users will notice that the handset switches to a cellular connection when entering a standby state. The update now enables users to keep a WiFi connection live after the screen times out.

The "Portico" update appears to be confirmed for a European release, with U.S. carriers yet to announce the update itself. A recent report has suggested that an 'Apollo Plus' update will instead be launched in America in early 2013 and will include the aforementioned WiFi bug fix.

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  • saturnus
    Neat. Now only a few minor bugs remains.
  • wildkitten
    Obviously Microsoft has to send out individual updates per each model phone, they can't do what Apple does, however, do they have to submit OS builds to the carrier for approval and bloatware or does MS control the OS themselves and send it out when they want to and when it's ready?

    One of the major disappointments for me with Droid Bionic was Motorola and Verizon fighting for months over little stuff and Motorola having to submit good ICS build after good ICS build (like 10 total) before Verizon finally approved one which delayed the update by over 3 months, and likely closer to 6. If Microsoft controls the OS like Apple does iOS, I may look at the Windows 8 phones when my contract is up.
  • rebel1280
    Will the WiFi issue (which is immensely frustrating) fix also apply to WP 7.5 devices?