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HTC's Windows Phone 8X Receives First Update

HTC has confirmed that its Windows Phone-based 8X is set to receive its first update from Microsoft. The 'Portico' update offers a batch of new features and bug fixes.

The over-the-air Windows Phone 8 update includes the ability to create SMS draft messages, reject calls with SMS, as well as a "select all" option for mass deletion. A fix for a WiFi bug has also been implemented. HTC 8X users will notice that the handset switches to a cellular connection when entering a standby state. The update now enables users to keep a WiFi connection live after the screen times out.

The "Portico" update appears to be confirmed for a European release, with U.S. carriers yet to announce the update itself. A recent report has suggested that an 'Apollo Plus' update will instead be launched in America in early 2013 and will include the aforementioned WiFi bug fix.

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