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E3 2010: The Aftermath

When the Dust Settles...

E3 2010 has come…and gone. We’ve taken the last week to reflect on the multitude of announcements, reveals, surprises, and letdowns, and after some serious meditating, we believe that the products revealed at E3 fall into three separate categories: The winners, the mediocre, and, well, the losers.

Much of our focus was on “the big three” companies: Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony. With new hardware announcements coupled with the usual software song and dance, examining the performance of the aforementioned power trio can give us a general idea of how the video games industry is shaping up. This year, motion-based game controls were once again on the center stage, but there were plenty of other interesting announcements from the goliaths.

But we didn’t give the standalone publishers and developers a free pass. Companies like EA, Activision, Bethesda, Capcom, and Ubisoft had plenty to offer, and we will sift through the hype to determine which companies struck gold and which desperately need to play catch up.