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Crowd Laptop Offers Ultimate Social Experience

Here we have another incredible concept from the Fujitsu Lifebook design competition going on over at Designboom. The 'Crowd' designed by Philipp Schaake is an interactive laptop with futuristic tech that offers the ultimate social experience as well as a high-tech interface. Schaake's concept hopes to create an even stronger bond between man and his PC through interactive and convenient elements.

In one form the Crowd can function as any typical laptop allowing the user to surf the web, e-mail, webchat, game etc. With a detachable screen as well as interactive displays on the shell of the device, the Crowd is perfect for any situation. The playful interface of the Crowd also makes the simplest of tasks fun and rewarding.

To top its list of versatility the Crowd is capable of turning into a social media playground with its convenient and cool social media interface. The social media mode of this laptop concept provides users multiple methods of communicating with their friends and family and makes sure you stay connected by making communication convenient, easy, and fun.