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Cooler Master Shows Claw and Traveler iPhone 4/4S Cases

Most users know Cooler Master for their cases, such as the HAF or cooling products like the Hyper 212 Evo. Now, they have released two new protective accessories, Claw and Traveler, for your iPhone 4S/4. These new cases are in-line with its ARC MacBook Pro and iPad stand, and will be available in multiple colors.  


Claw is crafted to resist the hazards heavy usage and for those frequent phone "accidents" when it falls out of your pocket. A form-fitted honey-combed design provides a nice grip to keep it safe and secure in your hand. In the event of unfortunate drops, bumps and hits, Claw is formulated with a special impact-resistant material to help prevent damage.

Claw and Traveler will be available on 18, June 2012. Price and availability will vary based on region. For European markets, both models will be available in the stores in the beginning of July.