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Bento Book Combines Touchscreen, SSD, Phone

With every household becoming increasingly filled with new technological gadgets and devices, managing them altogether can become a hassle as each your cell phone, laptop, mp3 player and tablet has to be taken care of individually. Hoping to create a solution for managing all of our devices, Rene Lee has designed the Bento Book, a combination of electronic gadgets that work together in perfect harmony.

Included inside the Bento Book is a smartphone, tablet, solid state drive, lcd screen and solar cell battery that combines together to make a fully functional laptop as each component is placed inside of the Bento Book's docking system. Individually, the tablet and smartphone components of the Bento act just as our modern tablet and smartphone devices would.

When working together the smartphone becomes the trackpad as the tablet becomes the touch screen keyboard and the lcd becomes the primary display. The SSD becomes the removable storage for the laptop while the solar battery cell helps prolong and charge the battery life of the Bento Book's individual components.