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How to Text from Your Android Wear Watch

We can all be more like Dick Tracy now, if we want. With the new line of Android Wear watches such as the LG G Watch you can dictate email and SMS messages. But, first you're going to have to make sure the watch has access to your contacts. And it's not immediately obvious how to do that. So to start talking to your wrist, all Secret Service style, follow these step-by-step instructions.

1. Tap on the basic blue Google Search app on your phone. 

2. Tap the menu button on the bottom of the screen and tap Settings.

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3. Tap Accounts Privacy and scroll to the bottom.

4. Toggle on Contact Recognition.

5. Shake your wrist or tap the screen to wake it. Then tap the watch face to open the Google Voice Search app. 

6. Say "Send text message to" and the name of the person in your contacts list. Then speak your message. It will automatically send, so be careful to speak clearly.