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Galaxy S8 Pricing Revealed: What It Costs From Every Carrier

The Samsung Galaxy S8 outshines the iPhone 7 in many ways. But one of them won't be price. The base model S8 will cost at least $71 more than the cheapest iPhone 7, according to carrier pricing announced shortly after the Galaxy S8's unveiling today (March 29).

Credit: Sam Rutherford/Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Sam Rutherford/Tom's Guide)

Here's a breakdown of what you can expect to pay at each carrier for the latest Samsung flagship.

Galaxy S8 (Full Price)
Galaxy S8 (Monthly Payment)
Galaxy S8+ (Full Price)
Galaxy S8+ (Monthly Payment)
Special Offers
$25 (30 months); $31.25 (24 months)
$28.34 (30 months); $35.42 (24 months)
Gear VR included; Gear S3 watch for $49
$31.25 (18-month lease)
$35.42 (18-month lease)
Gear VR included; eligible for new Galaxy phone upgrade after 12 months
$30 (24 months with $30 down)
$30 (24 months with $130 down)
Gear VR included; free DeX adapter for @Work preorders
$30 (24 months)
$35 (24 months)
Gear VR included

Prices differ slightly depending on where you get your phone, but the cheapest price we've seen for the Galaxy S8 so far is $720, on Verizon. Big Red is offering the Galaxy S8 for $720 flat or $30 per month for two years. For the Galaxy S8+, Verizon's price climbs to $840 or $35 per month for two years.

On AT&T, the phones are even more expensive. The regular S8 costs $750, with AT&T Next customers paying $25 for 30 months and Next Every Year customers paying $31.25 over two years. The S8+ costs $850 upfront — $28.34 for 30 months or $35.42 for 24 months.

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On T-Mobile, the smaller S8 costs $750 full retail, or a $30 down payment and with $30 installments spread over 24 months. Jump! On Demand customers pay $0 down and $33 per month for two years. For the S8+, it's $850 upfront, while both monthly installment customers and Jump! on Demand customers will pay $130 down and shell out $30 per month for the next two years.

Of course, these prices don't take into account all before trade-in offers that your carrier might make. You can also buy the phone through traditional retail channels, like Best Buy, which is promising “up to $100” in savings.

Contrast those prices with Apple's iPhone. The cheapest iPhone 7 starts at $649, while the least expensive iPhone 7 Plus begins at $769. We'll let you know in our review if the phones are worth the extra chunk of cash.

Pre-orders for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus begin on March 30, and the phones will be available in stores on April 21. Those who pre-order the phones will get a free Gear VR headset with a controller and Oculus game pack.