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Whoops! Samsung Leaks Key Note 9 Features in New Video

The worst-kept secret in smartphones is once again earning that crown.

In a move that can only make you scratch your head, Samsung New Zealand mistakenly published the full intro video for the Galaxy Note 9 to YouTube. And although it's since been taken down, the folks over at SamMobile were able to nab it before it was removed. Now, we have a full look at what to expect.

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The thirty-second video starts with a full view of the device's back panel. It showcases a USB-C port on the bottom, as well as a headphone jack, speaker grille, and a place for the new S Pen. As we move up the phone, there's a Samsung logo towards the middle and a physical fingerprint sensor that sits just below horizontally aligned dual cameras. No surprises here.

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Samsung spends a chunk of the video showcasing its "all new powerful S Pen." The pen has been redesigned. Although it only shows the S Pen being used to draw on the screen, rumors abound that Samsung is planning to bundle Bluetooth in the accessory to allow for remote control over the smartphone.

Samsung then turns its attention to the Galaxy Note 9's battery. As the day ticks by in the video, the battery keeps running. Samsung indicates that the smartphone will have an "all day battery life," which suggests you might be able to squeeze 24 or more hours out of the handset.

If we do a little math, we can determine that at least version of the smartphone  comes with 512GB of onboard storage. That's because Samsung's video shows a 512GB microSD card being inserted into the smartphone. A caption over it says that it's "1 terabyte ready with expandable memory."

Although Samsung didn't discuss the screen at all, it appears to come with the same design as last year's model, with thin bezels and slight curves on either side. Either way, expect it to be a looker.

Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy Note 9 at a press event on Aug. 9 from New York City. Pre-orders will likely begin soon after and the device is slated to launch on Aug. 24. The only real question we have at this point centers on how much the device will cost.

Image Credits: SamMobile via Samsung

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