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OnePlus 7 Leak Hints at Radical New Look

The OnePlus 7 rumors continue. A photo posted on Slashleaks over the weekend show two unusual-looking devices that may be the successors to the highly successful OnePlus 6T set inside two being plastic cases of some kind.

Credit: Slashleaks

(Image credit: Slashleaks)

The photo was originally uploaded with this post on the Chinese Android forum, which has been recently deleted. The original poster claimed that this was the OnePlus 7 but offered no details whatsoever, so take this image with a ridiculously big dose of skepticism.

The models are strange, both with an ultra-thin bezel and a small date and time over OnePlus’ slogan “Never Settle”.

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On the left, the phone with the larger screen has no camera holes or notches of any kind. The top part of the case — with a hole seemingly for a camera and another hole for perhaps a depth infrared sensor for facial ID — seem to indicate that this may be yet another slider phone coming in 2019. The screen appears to be slightly curved on the sides. The surface curve is not as exaggerated as on the Samsung Galaxy series’ display.

One the right there’s a phone with a perfectly flat screen and a… inverted notch? It seems that the phone has a protuberance over the teardrop notch. But that would be an extremely weird design decision with not a lot of logic. Is that for the ear speaker? Is it just an optical effect of the case? It’s very strange.

The OnePlus 6T came out in October 2018, so it may seem early to pay attention to all these rumors about the 7. Then again, OnePlus typically comes out with a new phone every five to six months, which would put the OnePlus 7 on track for a spring release. And with Mobile World Congress just around the corner, that’s another excuse for us all to crazily run around like headless chickens speculating for alleged leaked photos.

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