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Huh? Microsoft Brings Nokia Brick Phone Back

Brick phones aren't dead, and apparently neither is Microsoft's use of the Nokia brand. To the surprise of just about everyone, Microsoft just unveiled the Nokia 216 and Nokia 216 Dual Sim: two old-school feature phones with selfie cameras and long-lasting batteries.

The Nokia 216 will likely bring back memories for anyone who owned a cell phone in the early 2000s, sporting a modern take on Nokia's trademark, candybar-like design that comes in white, black and baby blue. The device sports a 2.4-inch 240p display, with 16GB of storage that can be expanded to 32GB.

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The new Nokia promises up to 18 hours of talk time with its 1020-mAh battery, which you can replace. The 216 packs 0.3-MP cameras in the front and back, allowing even old-school Nokia purists to take selfies. The 216 and 216 Dual Sim are nearly identical save for the latter model's dual sim capabilities, and while there's no pricing info yet, they'll probably be pretty cheap.

The fact that the Nokia 216 even exists is surprising — Microsoft announced plans to sell off its feature phone business just months ago, as The Verge reported in May. Microsoft was once well known for its Lumia phones, which packed impressive cameras and full Windows functionality, but the company hasn't released a new flagship at all this year.

There may be a good reason for that. Microsoft is reportedly killing off the Lumia brand to make way for a potential Surface phone. While Windows Phones have stagnated as of late, they have the unique ability to double as full-blown PCs thanks to Windows 10's continuum feature — which is also an integral part of how Microsoft's Surface notebooks work.

As Thurrott reports, Microsoft may be holding a special hardware event this fall where it could unveil a Surface All-in-One, new Xbox-branded streaming devices and the aforementioned Surface phone. Time will tell if that all pans out; for now, enjoy your new Nokia brick.