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LG Beefs Up X Power's Already Massive Battery

Despite a lackluster display and a weak rear camera, the LG X Power caught our eye last year, thanks to its awesome battery life. It's still one of the longest-lasting smartphones we've ever tested.

Now LG is back with a sequel, unveiling the LG X Power 2 at Mobile World Congress, and the display of power should continue with this new version.

That's because LG has gone with an even bigger battery on the LG X Power 2. The original phone's pretty-powerful 4100 mAh power pack has been swapped out in favor of a 4500 mAh battery. We'll have to test exactly how long the new phone will last on a single charge, but you have to figure that the LG X Power 2 will still be chugging along long after other devices have given up the ghost.

After all, the first X Power phone established a pretty good track record for this smartphone family. When we put it to the test last year, surfing the web continuously over LTE, the X Power lasted a little less than 13 hours. Only the Moto Z Play has lasted longer in our tests. You would think that with its larger battery, the X Power 2 should be able to hold its own on our test.

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Eye-popping battery life had better be a calling card for the LG X Power 2, because the phone's design certainly isn't. Its plastic exterior screams "budget device," and the slick backside of the phone does nothing to undermine that impression.

The internal specs on the phone are just as pedestrian. LG has increased the size of the display to 5.5 inches from 5.2 inches on the original Power X, but the 720p HD resolution remains. The processor gets a modest upgrade to an octa-core MediaTek7650, though that's unlikely to set any speed records. The Power X 2 also features 2GB of RAM, 16GB of onboard storage (which you can expand via a microSD card), a 13-megapixel rear camera and a 5-MP front shooter.

The bottom line: The battery's the star of the show here.

LG hasn't announced U.S. pricing or availability for the LG X Power 2, though a company rep at Mobile World Congress told us to expect a debut for the phone later in the spring, with prices in line with the original X Power. That phone sells for around $200 unlocked, though if you buy it tied to a carrier, you can get it for much less.

Once the X Power 2 becomes available in the U.S., we plan to put it through our tests to see if this sequel is as long-running as the original.

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