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LG Unveils Crazy Bendable OLED TV

BERLIN – LG's big surprise at IFA 2015 came during its keynote: a bendable 55-inch OLED TV that was less than 1 mm thick, and a 55-inch dual-sided OLED screen. These TVs are extremely cool, and look just as great as LG promised. 

I took a firsthand look at LG's TV lineup at IFA 2015, and the sets looked absolutely gorgeous. LG revealed its IFA plans a few weeks ago, but the bendable display wasn't on the compay's roster at that time.

When I watched LG's 65EF9500 65-inch flat panel 4K OLED TV, I wished I had one in my own living room. Blacks on OLED screens are still unparalleled, which helped contrast the vibrant purples, browns and greens while watching a video of a desert sunrise.

The 65-inch 65EG9600 curved screen OLED ($6,999, available now) had an even more impressive video playing, as a king in a multicolored jeweled crown played a highly abstract game of chess, replete with mounted horsemen and flaming swords. The TV will cost $6,999, and will launch, according to LG, "soon." (Probably before the end of the year.)

Likewise, LG's more traditional LCD 4K screens looked fantastic, highlighting how its color technology provides much richer, dark colors and more vivid light colors than a traditional 1080p display, or even comparable 4K displays. I watched a series of nature and urban photography stills on the 65-inch UF9500 ($2,999, available for purchase now). While the OLED screens still looked better, the LCD screens appeared to be a much more affordable option without a significant loss in quality.

LG's new OLED TVs will continue to roll out over the next few months and into 2016. There's no word yet on whether its bendable or dual-sided OLED screens will be available to consumers, and if so, when they will come out or how much they will cost.