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Leap Motion Gets Serious About VR, Launches Oculus Rift Mount

Leap Motion brought hand gesture control to the PC last year, and now the company seems set on wrapping its fingers around the virtual reality market. The peripheral maker has revealed its new virtual reality initiative, which includes a $20 Leap Motion mount for Oculus Rift that you can buy today.

By mounting a Leap Motion controller to the front of your virtual reality headset, you can utilize the accessory's precise, 10-finger tracking capabilities in a virtual space. This means that, instead of using a keyboard and mouse or controller when playing a game with Oculus Rift, you might someday be able to take the immersion even further and use your actual hands to fire digital weapons or pick up objects.

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The Leap Motion can also give the Oculus Rift a pair of real-life eyes. Thanks to a recently released API that allows the Leap Motion to capture infrared images, mounting the accessory on your VR headset will essentially give it a front-facing webcam. This opens the door for a wide range of games and apps that blur the line between virtual and augmented reality. 

Leap Motion seems committed to working with VR companies instead of trying to compete with them, as made evident by the "Dragonfly" mega-sensor it's currently prototyping. Designed for existing virtual reality OEMs like Oculus, the Dragonfly sensor sports above-HD image quality, touts color and infrared imagery, and offers a larger field of view than the average headset. 

Interestingly, this news comes a little over a month after reports that Oculus is building its own motion control accessories for the Rift. We've yet to hear an official announcement from Oculus on that front, so picking up a Leap Motion and the new $20 mount is currently your best shot at bringing gesture control to your virtual reality experiences. 

via Leap Motion

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  • cats_Paw
    johnny mnemonic was right...
  • Pailin
    This is exactly what one my favorite mods, made by a guy with an early dev kit, is :)

    It really opens up the possibilities!

    I've just been holding out for an upgraded sensor with a larger usable focus/working are - something it sounds like they are on at last ^^