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Galaxy S8 Active Could Come to Other Carriers Soon

Since its release earlier this year, the Galaxy S8 Active has proven awfully attractive to those who want high-end power, but worry about dropping their smartphones and spending hundreds of dollars to get it fixed.

Image: Keith Agnello/Tom's Guide

Image: Keith Agnello/Tom's Guide

The problem with the Galaxy S8 Active, however, is that it's been an AT&T exclusive, making it nearly impossible for many customers to get it. But that's about to change, according to a report from BGR.

Samsung has signed a deal to bring the Galaxy S8 Active to T-Mobile's stores, BGR is reporting, citing serial leaker Evan Blass. No official announcement has come yet, but it's believed that the smartphone will be available quite soon at T-Mobile stores.

But it gets better. According to the report, Samsung is also eyeing ways to get the Galaxy S8 Active to Verizon and Sprint store shelves in the near future, though exactly when that might happen is unknown.

In an interesting twist, T-Mobile has secured FCC approval to sell the Galaxy S8 Active, which has some industry-watchers wondering whether the smartphone will run on the carrier's extra-fast 600MHz LTE network. The Galaxy S8 Active is technically able to support the network band, thanks to its Snapdragon X16 chip.

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Samsung released the Galaxy S8 Active earlier this year. The device has a slim bezel like the Galaxy S8, but its screen is flat. It ditches the physical home button, however, so a virtual home button allows for software control. The Galaxy S8 Active also works with Samsung's Bixby virtual assistant.

Aside from that, the Galaxy S8 Active has reinforced sides to protect it from damage, and is designed to reduce the amount of exposure a device gets from water, dust, and other particles.

The Galaxy S8 Active coming to T-Mobile would be good news for folks who like rugged phones, but it could also be a boon for T-Mobile to showcase how the handset might work on its new spectrum.

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