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Galaxy Note 8 Will 'Fix' Galaxy S8's Biggest Flaw

Samsung will right its Galaxy S8 wrong with the Galaxy Note 8, according to a new report. But it still won't deliver the feature you might really want.

Credit: Jonathan Endicott

(Image credit: Jonathan Endicott)

The company will not bundle a fingerprint sensor into the Galaxy Note 8's screen, dashing hopes of the feature coming to the handset this year. Instead, Samsung will place a physical fingerprint sensor on the smartphone's backplate and move it farther away from the rear-facing camera than it did with the Galaxy S8.

This is according to Jonathan Endicott, who created a CAD drawing based on information he has about the upcoming handset. According to Forbes, which earlier reported on the placement, Endicott serves as the CEO of casemaker Slickwraps, and ostensibly obtained information about the sensor's placement from Samsung.

Samsung had hoped to bake a virtual fingerprint sensor into its Galaxy S8 earlier this year, but those hopes were dashed, forcing the company to place a physical fingerprint sensor on its backplate. The sensor's location directly next to the handset's rear-facing camera was criticized by those who said it was too hard to reach. It also caused smudging on the rear-facing camera lens when users tried to reach for the sensor.

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Samsung had similarly hoped to bring a virtual fingerprint sensor to the Galaxy Note 8 this summer. However, a company executive confirmed to Korean news outlets the the virtual sensor suffered from technical and security problems that would force Samsung to opt for a physical version.

Since then, there has been some debate over exactly where the sensor would be located. Some reports have said that the sensor would sit below the handset's dual rear-facing lenses, while others said it would be directly next to them, mimicking the Galaxy S8 design.

Additionally, Forbes reported on Tuesday (July 4) that sources it has at MobileFun have also confirmed that Samsung is planning a fingerprint sensor near the Galaxy Note 8's rear cameras.

The Forbes sources also said that Samsung has boosted suggested retail prices on its Galaxy Note 8 cases, which suggests the Galaxy Note 8 will "be a lot more expensive than the S8 range of smartphones."

Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy Note 8 at a press event next month. It might be released soon after or hit store shelves in early September.

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