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Pre-Ordered Essential Phone? Here's When You'll Get It

The Essential Phone will finally start shipping soon.

Credit: Essential Products

(Image credit: Essential Products)

Andy Rubin's Essential Products on Wednesday (Aug. 16) sent an email to customers who have pre-ordered an Essential Phone saying that they'll get their handsets within seven days of their payment successfully processing. The email, which was earlier reported on by CNET, didn't provide an exact date on when payments would be processed.

Andy Rubin unveiled his new Essential Products business earlier this year. The company's stated goal is to build hardware based on a philosophy Rubin himself has espoused. It includes several tenets, including making no compromises on hardware design, eliminating planned obsolescence, and offering software that isn't bogged down by unnecessary features users can't remove.

In addition to its Essential Phone, the company has said that it's planning to launch a smart home device like the Amazon Echo called Essential Home. That device, which will come with custom software designed by the Essential team, will launch "soon." An exact release date hasn't been announced.

The Essential Phone will be the first foray for the company into the smartphone market. It comes with an edge-to-edge display measuring 5.7 inches. It also features dual rear-facing cameras and runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. And as one might expect, it runs Android, the operating system Rubin created.

Still, as nice as it might be, the Essential Phone has been dogged by delays.

Essential announced the smartphone on May 30 and said at the time that it would launch the device within 30 days of that announcement. By the end of June, however, Essential Phone was a no-show. Essential followed that in late July, saying that the smartphone would be available "in a few weeks."

This time, it appears the company has stayed true to that promise.

So, if you already preordered your Essential Phone or would like to do so now, you'll likely get your device within the next week or so. You can preorder the Essential Phone on the official Essential page.