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The New Cloud Silver Note 9 Is Absolutely Stunning

Move over Ocean Blue — there's a new color of the Galaxy Note 9 out there, and it looks positively stunning.

Credit: TechRadar

(Image credit: TechRadar)

It's called Cloud Silver, and it joins Midnight Black as two new colorways for Samsung's 6.4-inch, S Pen-enabled phablet. Our friends at TechRadar have gotten their hands on the new metal, and it puts the Note 9 in a whole new light.

Samsung's rendition of silver almost has the luster of ceramic — it's a metallic sheen that diffuses light, but manipulates it more dynamically than boring old aluminum or the company's previous attempts at silver. Though, what really sets everything off is the polished trim along the beveled edges. TechRadar's Matt Swider says the overall effect lends a "sports car vibe" to the big flagship, and we couldn't agree more.

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Following the example set by the Ocean Blue Note 9, which writes in yellow when taking screen-off memos, the Cloud Silver model features its own exclusive silver "ink," as it were. However, while the S Pen with the Ocean Blue variant is yellow as well to add a little contrast, the stylus you get with the silver Note 9 is exactly the same color as the exterior of the device.

Credit: Samsung

(Image credit: Samsung)

The Cloud Silver Note 9 arrives in the U.S. as a Best Buy exclusive on Oct. 9, though you can order one direct from Samsung as well beginning on the same day. Midnight Black, which previously released elsewhere around the world and is coming to our shores now, will be sold through all retailers beginning Oct. 12. Samsung adds that a 512GB version of the Midnight Black handset will come almost two weeks later, on Oct. 26.

Buyers can also still choose the launch Lavender Purple and Ocean Blue options, though Metallic Copper unfortunately remains unavailable in the States. Recently, we've pitted the Note 9 against Apple's brand-new iPhone XS Max in a number of comparisons, focusing on everything from their dual cameras to their massive OLED displays — so be sure to check those out if you or anyone you know is in the market for a serious smartphone upgrade this holiday season.