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iPhone 11 Design Leaked in New Photos

(Image credit: Nood Cases)

As we get closer and closer to the iPhone 11 launch, case makers are keen to cash in on the hype. And you can add one more to the list.

These pictures show off Nood Cases, designer and seller of slim cases and skins for the iPhone, The company has released a range of cases designed to fit the three different sizes of iPhone 11 early, along with some head-turning photos using replica models of the iPhone 11 lineup.

Interestingly, Nood is not using the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max names on its site. It's calling the iPhone XR successor the iPhone XIr, the iPhone XS sequel the iPhone XI 11 and the iPhone XS Max replacement the iPhone XI 11 Max. We're guessing these are just placeholders.

(Image credit: Nood Cases)

If these replica units are close to the real thing, they line up with earlier reports saying that the regular iPhone 11 will get two rear cameras and that the iPhone 11 Pro models will get three rear lenses. The third lens on the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max would capture ultra-wide images.

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The cases themselves are designed to be thin and unobtrusive while allowing for wireless charging. These accessories could also help make the iPhone 11 look more streamlined. From the other renders and dummy handsets we’ve seen, the new square camera bump could be an eyesore. These cases cover the camera bump while keeping the lenses exposed.

(Image credit: Nood Cases)

We do take issue with the product pages for two of these Nood cases. They show the iPhone 11 from the front with no notch at all, which is just wishful thinking. No iPhone 11 rumor or report has said that Apple will be getting rid of the notch, nor have we heard anything about Apple minimizing it.

We’re expecting the iPhone 11 to appear at an Apple's event on September 10, possibly alongside a new Apple Watch 5 and maybe a new Apple TV. As for a release date, we’re expecting pre-orders to begin on Sept. 13, with those shipping and retailers beginning to sell the new phone Sept. 23.

(Image credit: Nood Cases)

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