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How to play Cards Against Humanity online

How to play Cards Against Humanity online
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Playing Cards Against Humanity online is a great way to have fun with friends while you're still social distancing or if they're far away. Cards Against Humanity is one of the best board games that easily transfers to the virtual realm. Zoom and dirty humor were made for each other! Playing Cards Against Humanity online can entertain you and your friends for hours on end.

Before you learn how to play Cards Against Humanity online, there are a couple things you'll need. Make sure you're situated with one of the best video chat apps, like Zoom. Check out our guide on how to use Zoom to initiate a meeting with your fellow players. 

Version 2.0 of Cards Against Humanity, the "party game for horrible people," costs $25 and comes with 600 cards, 50 more than before. Plus, there are 150 brand-new cards so you can submit even funnier answers than ever. You can also expand the game with the Absurd Box, the Red Box, the 2000s Nostalgia Pack, the College Pack and more.View Deal

You'll also want to know the basic rules of Cards Against Humanity. Your goal is to complete fill-in-the-blank statements using offensive words or phrases from the hand dealt to you. Players take turns judging each round, picking which white card best suits the black card's prompt. 

The goal is have your white card picked, and collect the black cards as points. Think of it like Apples to Apples, only more apathy. There's also a new Cards Against Humanity Family Edition, which you can print and play here. Yes, it's by the actual CAH team. We're as shocked as anyone.

Now that you know the rules and your chatroom is ready, it's time to get your lewd imagination going. Here's how to play Cards Against Humanity online with friends. 

How to play Cards Against Humanity online

If you're looking for how to play Cards Against Humanity online, you'll likely learn about a website called is the easiest way to get a game of Cards Against Humanity started online. The software is even simple enough for your grandparents to use, should you feel comfortable playing this raunchy version of Apples to Apples with them. 

  • Step 1: Visit,
  • Step 2: Scroll down to 'Play your favorite tabletop game or make your own' > 'Cards Against Humanity' > 'Start Game'.
  • Step 3: Copy the game room link and share it with up to 5 other friends. Click enter when everyone has the link and you're ready to get started.

How to play Cards Against Humanity online

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You'll see a digital card board with black and white cards at the top. The board also has discard piles, winning piles and places to play your white cards in the middle. The white box at the bottom is your hand of cards — no one can see what ridiculous moves you have to play.

This version of Cards Against Humanity online doesn't do much for you, so you'll have to move the cards around as you would if you were playing in-person. You can also see where players cursors are in real-time, so you can see who is moving cards around at any given time.

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