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Best cheap OLED TV deals for July 2020

OLED TV deals
(Image credit: LG)

OLED TV deals are cheaper today than they've ever been. However, finding the best cheap OLED TV deals isn't an easy task. Even when they're on sale, OLED TV deals are still in the $1,000 range. 

But with summer sales going strong, we're noticing a slight uptick in OLED TV deals. So we're gathering all the best cheap OLED TV deals in one spot for your convenience.  

One of our favorite OLED deals comes courtesy of Best Buy. The retailer is taking up to $1,500 off select OLED TVs. Looking for deals on non-OLED TVs? Make sure to check out our guide to the day's best TV deals.  

Best OLED TV deals

OLED TV deals: up to $2,500 off @ Dell
Dell is taking up to $2,500 off select OLED TVs during its latest sale. That's the biggest dollar-off discount we've seen from Dell. Looking for the best cheap OLED TV deal? Dell has the LG 55-inch E8 OLED TV on sale for $1,499 ($1,800 off). View Deal

LG 55" E8 4K OLED TV: was $3,299 now $1,499 @ Dell
This OLED TV is packed with excellent features like HDR support (Dolby Vision/HDR10/HLG), LG AI ThinQ with Google Assistant, and LG's voice capable Magic Remote. Although it's been up to $200 cheaper before, this is the best cheap OLED TV deal we've seen outside of major holidays. View Deal

OLED TV deals: from $1,499 @ Best Buy
Best Buy is offering a variety of OLED TV deals with prices starting as low as $1,499. The sale includes sets from Sony and LG. Pictured is the LG 48-inch 4K CX Series OLED TV for $1,499.99 ($100 off). View Deal

Sony 55" A9G Master OLED 4K TV: was $2,799 now $2,299 @ Dell
The Sony XBR55A9G OLED TV features built-in Alexa and Google Assistant support. This 2019 OLED TV also has an excellent response time that leaves almost no blur trail when displaying fast-moving content. Best Buy also has it on sale. View Deal

LG 55" OLED C9 4K TV: was $1,599 now $1,424 @ Best Buy
The Editor's Choice LG C9 OLED blew us away with its impressive picture quality and sound. It offers best-in-class performance, extremely smooth action, and excellent color quality. View Deal

Why should I buy an OLED TV? 

Simply put: No TV technology can rival the performance of an OLED TV. OLED, or organic light-emitting diode, represents a completely different kind of display. No backlight is required in an OLED TV because the organic pixels emit their own light when activated. So each pixel can be completely turned on or off separately.

That means you don't get that afterglow and light leakage that you typically see in LCD TVs. As a result, OLED TVs deliver intensely deep blacks that even the best QLED TVs can't rival. Sure, QLED TVs can be brighter than OLED TVs, but for the most pristine picture possible: OLED is still king. 

Make sure to check out our QLED vs. OLED TV guide for more comparisons.

What retailer offers the best OLED TV deals?

Unfortunately, there's no single retailer that offers the best OLED TV deals. Instead, it's a mix of retailers than ranges from Amazon and Walmart to Best Buy and Newegg. If you're shopping for an OLED TV, our best tip is to compare that model's price across various sites, including the four retailers mentioned above. 

What are the cheapest OLED TV deals we've seen?

Back in September, the LG B8 55-inch 4K TV hit an all-time price low of $999.95. That's the cheapest OLED price we've ever seen. It's worth noting that even during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, OLED prices didn't hit that price point. 

Do we think OLED TV deals will dip below $999 in 2020? We expect them to play a major role during  Amazon Prime Day

Are refurbished OLED TV deals worth it?

While there are refurb OLED TV deals you can take advantage of, the savings aren't as high as you may think. For instance, the LG 55-inch B8 OLED TV usually sells for $1,199 and has dropped as low as $999. Amazon sometimes sells the refurb LG 55-inch B8 OLED TV for $999. Sure, it's $200 off, but we've already seen new models hit this price point before, albeit, not very often. 

More importantly, you only get a 90-day warranty and if you dislike anything about your refurb TV (perhaps it might have more nicks and scratches than you like) return shipping might fall on your, which could quickly get expensive.