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iPhone 11 Orders 'Better Than Expected' Thanks to New Colors

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The most reliable of Apple analysts says that iPhone 11 demand is going to be better than expected, despite his previous estimates of low demand. Apparently, people throughout the world wouldn’t mind skipping lunch for several days to buy one. And it seems it’s all thanks to… the new colors and financing options.

According to 9to5Mac, Ming-Chi Kuo’s late Sunday report, “iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro order demand is ahead of expectations.” Kuo based his report on Apple’s online shipping  estimates following last week’s launch pre-orders. As a result, Kuo has revised its previous 65-70 million units projection to 70 to 75 million units.

Kuo believes that the base iPhone 11 model will be popular in China, while the US will have the Pro as the most popular phone. The reasons are two-fold.

The first one is the new colors, he says. Apparently Apple fans are digging the new color enough to make them want to get one. Especially the swamp water green (aka “midnight green”) iPhone Pro 11 model, which Kuo says will be scarce because of unspecified production problems.

The other reason is the financing tools that Apple has put in place, including trade-in programs and zero-interest payment plans.

5.8 work days to buy in the US

Those financing and trade-in options may be enough to fight both the current phone market saturation and the iPhone’s steep costs.

According to Spanish newspaper El Mundo — which used The Economist’s Big Mac index to create the graphic below — a Chinese worker with an average country salary will have to spend the entire pay of 30.4 days to buy a 64GB iPhone 11 Pro. That’s a lot of days in which Chinese customers won’t be able to pay rent, food, or utilities if they choose to buy that model.

(Image credit: El Mundo)

Meanwhile, a Mexican will have to spend a staggering 54.2 workdays. On the lower end, a United States citizen with the country’s average salary will have to burn 5.8 days. It's 4.8 days in Switzerland, which has the highest average salary.

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