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Great runner deal: These smart insoles are 66% off

Nurvv Run
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Dedicated runners who want to improve their form but don't want to shell out for a personal trainer don't have a ton of choices. One of the better options is the Nurvv Run, a set of insoles embedded with sensors that tell you in real time how to improve your stride — and a lot more. 

For a limited time — just through Saturday — the Nurvv Run insoles are marked down to $99, a savings of $200 off their regular price. 

Nurvv Run was $299, now $99 @ Best Buy

Nurvv Run was $299, now $99 @ Best Buy
The Nurvv Run insoles have more than a dozen sensors and GPS, and can measure your stride, cadence, pronation, step length, and more. They're available in both men's and women's sizes.

The Nurvv Run are made up of the insoles, which are attached to small fobs that sit on the outside of your shoe; these fobs connect to GPS, your phone, and your smartwatch.

In our Nurvv Run hands-on last fall, we were impressed with the sheer amount of information that we received from the insoles. During our runs, it helped correct our stride and pace in real time, and its built-in GPS also accurately tracked where we ran. An accompanying Apple Watch app also helped with our form. 

Afterwards, the Nurvv Run app showed us in detail if we were landing on our heel or forefoot, if we were over- or under-pronating, and the overall productivity of our run. — plus a lot more.

Since then, the Nurvv Run has continued to receive updates — we hope to test an upgraded version soon — and it now works not just with the Apple Watch, but the best Garmin watches too. 

So, if the Olympics are inspiring you to get out and run, or you just want to improve your form and become a better runner, this is a pretty good deal.

Mike Prospero

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