Android's new Find My Device feature could be getting two big upgrades — what we know

Closeup of Find Device icon in Android.
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Android and Google appear to be adding new security features to Android phones, including the ability to unlock the upgraded Find My Device app with biometric input.

In a recent APK teardown for Android Authority, contributor Assemble Debug enabled two new features on his Android device. The first is an option to “Allow Biometric Login” on the sign-in menu for Android’s Find My Device network. Interesting, since the current version requires a password every time users access the app unless they select the “Don’t ask again” option.

The other feature Assemble Debug unlocked was an improved remote lock function, found within the latest Google Play Services. While Find My Device has allowed users to lock phones remotely for years, this is the first time you can lock your device using only your phone number and a quick security check. It should be noted that the feature isn’t fully functional yet, as it is scheduled for a later release. 

current and new find my device log in screen

The current and new find my device log in screen (Image credit: Android Authority)

Google recently released the updated version of its Find My Device feature with several new improvements to help it compete with Apple’s Find My network. The new version allows users to track down their lost devices, and will even allow users to find their turned-off devices. It isn’t just phones and tablets as users can locate keys, wallets, or other gadgets thanks to compatible Bluetooth tags.

The new version will also allow users to find devices nearby that are connected to their account and can share the location of their device with others. The updated version can also connect with Nest devices, allowing them to become a point of reference for locating items within the home. Finally, it’s also possible to play a tone on the device to make them easier to find. 

The new version of Find My Device offers users a much-improved service, and these potential new features will make using it much simpler and more seamless. However, it should be noted that APK teardowns only note what features could be coming based on the code so there is no guarantee that they will arrive anytime soon. 

In the meantime, Android — and particularly, Samsung — fans should keep an eye on our Galaxy Unpacked hub which we keep updated with all the news and rumors as we hear them, including the recent reveal of the event date itself. 

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