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AirPods Cyber Monday deal is $99 right now — the lowest price ever

Wow! $99 Apple Airpods deal is the lowest price ever
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We have a winner! The Apple AirPods have been one of the hottest items throughout Cyber Monday, and now we have the best deal yet.

Right now you can get the second-gen Apple AirPods for just $99 at Best Buy! That's $60 off and the lowest price ever for Apple's wireless earbuds. This Cyber Monday deal will sell out fast, so if you want some AirPods you need to get on it now.

Note that the price may briefly display $119 but if you wait a second it will show $99.

Best AirPods Cyber Monday deal ever!


Apple AirPods: was $159 now $99 @ Best Buy
This is the cheapest we've seen the Apple AirPods all Cyber Monday (and all Black Friday before that), and at $99 it's an absolute steal. These AirPods come with a charging case, too, so you're all set to go. It will sell out fast. 

What's more, we think Amazon is going to match this AirPods Cyber Monday deal, or even slightly better it, so you should keep an eye on Amazon's AirPods listing to see if that happens. It's a trend we've seen throughout Cyber Monday and Black Friday before it.

This is the lowest price ever for Apple AirPods. While they did drop to $99 in October, it was only briefly, and they've been hovering between $110 and $160 ever since. We've got a full guide to the AirPods Cyber Monday deals, to give you an idea of how cheap this price is, and to help you buy some when this offer sells out. Which it absolutely will do.

AirPods have been one of the hottest tickets during this Cyber Monday. It's easy to see why: they're a slick pair of earbuds, and with the iPhone 12 dropping any kind of earbuds in the box, you'll need a pair of AirPods to listen to music on any of the newer phones. In our AirPods review, we praised the buds for their lightweight feel and elegant design. We also enjoyed the sound quality they provide, and appreciate the fact that you can use them to access Siri's functions hands-free, so you don't have to take your phone out to get information.

If you'd rather have the AirPods Pro models, that'll currently cost you a little more, as the cheapest current deal is $209 at Best Buy. They did drop to $169 over the past few days, but stock sold out, so they're back up to the $200+ range. We wouldn't be surprised to see one last deal on Pros, but then again it might not happen at all. We say, if you want Apple AirPods right now, this deal from Best Buy is tough to beat.

If you need more discounts on Apple, head over to our Apple Cyber Monday deals page. If you'd rather choose another brand we also have a guide to Cyber Monday headphone deals, which includes several excellent earbuds savings.

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