Tom's Guide Awards 2022 announced: How to enter your product

Tom's Guide Awards 2022
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The Tom's Guide Awards is back for a third year, and we're celebrating the best-of-the-best products across a wide range of categories. From phones and laptops to home appliances and electric cars, these awards are designed to highlight the very best devices and services for your money.

Our Hero Awards will recognize big-picture innovation, the best brand of the year, admirable efforts in diversity and sustainability, and more. We’re excited to celebrate the people and companies that receive the highest honors. We’ll also salute products that are simply of excellent value, as we understand being able to find great tech for a bargain is important to many consumers. 

Some new categories in 2022 include Best Laptop for Students, Best Standing Desk, Best Audiophile Headphones and Best Running Shoe. The dedicated Streaming and Automotive award sections are new this year as well.

The awards are free to enter and will be judged by Tom’s Guide’s resident specialists, but we’ll need your help to create the ultimate shortlists. Click here to nominate your favorite products of the year.

Nominations close at 11:59pm EST on June 17, 2022. The sooner you enter, the better — it'll give us the opportunity to review any nominated products we haven't yet already. Take a look at all the categories below, and if you have any questions, email

Tom's Guide Awards 2022: Official Entry Form (Free to enter)

How to enter the Tom's Guide Awards

Companies can enter here for the Tom's Guide Awards, and submissions are free. We are taking nominations between now and June 17. We will announce all of the Tom's Guide Award winners starting in July.

Tom's Guide Awards categories

Hero Awards

  • Breakthrough Award: This highlights a particular product or service that reinvents that category and changes the way we work and/or play. Likely a first of its kind for the industry.
  • Top Brand Award: An award that recognizes the brand that has had the most impact over the past year through the quality of its products, the excitement around its launches and the good it is doing for the world. 
  • Innovator Award: Honoring the company or person that has truly pushed the envelope with a particular product or product category. Who is rethinking how products and services work for users?
  • Diversity in Tech Award: This award celebrates the company or person who is helping to make the latest innovations as accessible as possible to the broadest possible audience, including underserved communities. 
  • Best of the Best Product: The very top product judged by Tom’s Guide’s editors, which takes into consideration all of the major categories. Must be a product that’s new for 2022. 
  • Sustainability Award: What product or company made changes or launched initiatives to better our environment. Think: using recycled materials, cutting plastic out of packaging and more.
  • Best Bargain/Value: You don't have to break the bank for excellent tech. We're looking for the best value product of the year.
  • Best Design: We appreciate aesthetics and smart design choices. Help us celebrate the product with the best design sensibilities.


  • Best phone overall
  • Best Android phone
  • Best phone under $500
  • Best phone under $300
  • Best phone battery life
  • Best phone design
  • Best camera phone
  • Best gaming phone
  • Fastest charging phone
  • Best carrier


  • Best laptop overall
  • Best 2-in-1 laptop
  • Best laptop for students
  • Best budget laptop
  • Best tablet
  • Best Android tablet
  • Best Chromebook
  • Longest lasting laptop
  • Best mini PC
  • Best All-in-one PC
  • Best business laptop
  • Best gaming laptop
  • Best gaming desktop

Home office

  • Best monitor
  • Best Wi-Fi router
  • Best mesh system
  • Best webcam
  • Best microphone
  • Best wireless charger
  • Best ring light
  • Best headset
  • Best mouse
  • Best keyboard
  • Best printer
  • Best antivirus software
  • Best password manager 
  • Best standing desk
  • Best VPN

TV and streaming

  • Best TV
  • Best TV innovation
  • Best value TV
  • Best TV design
  • Best gaming TV
  • Best 8K TV
  • Best TV antenna
  • Best TV remote
  • Best massive TV
  • Best OLED TV
  • Best QLED TV


  • Best headphones overall
  • Best wireless earbuds
  • Best noise-canceling headphones
  • Best sports headphones
  • Best headphones for battery life
  • Best soundbar
  • Best audiophile headphones
  • Best value headphones
  • Best value earbuds
  • Best Bluetooth speaker
  • Best value soundbar


  • Best air fryer
  • Best air purifier
  • Best instant pot
  • Best juicer
  • Best blender
  • Best meat thermometer
  • Best space heaters
  • Best mattress
  • Best coffee maker
  • Best robot vacuum
  • Best robot vacuum for pet hair
  • Best digital photo frame
  • Best toaster oven
  • Best kettle
  • Best food processor

Smart home

  • Best video doorbell
  • Best video doorbell under $100
  • Best smart display
  • Best smart lights 
  • Best smart lock
  • Best indoor security camera
  • Best outdoor security camera
  • Best DIY security system
  • Best smart home device under $50
  • Best smart thermostat
  • Best smart speaker

Health and Fitness

  • Best smartwatch 
  • Best value smartwatch
  • Best fitness tracker
  • Best Android smartwatch
  • Best outdoors smartwatch
  • Best running watch
  • Best exercise bike
  • Best treadmill
  • Best fitness app/subscription
  • Most innovative workout machine 
  • Best running shoe
  • Best carbon fiber running shoe
  • Best sports bra 
  • Best budget running shoe
  • Best spinning shoe
  • Best golf shoe
  • Best massage gun
  • Best smart scale


  • Best streaming device
  • Best budget streaming device
  • Best streaming service
  • Best live tv streaming service
  • Best sports streaming service
  • Best streaming service original show
  • Best streaming service original movie
  • Best free streaming service


  • Best console
  • Best PS5 game
  • Best Xbox Series X game
  • Best PC Game
  • Best Switch game
  • Best Mobile games (iOS/Android)
  • Best gaming monitor
  • Best VR headset
  • Best gaming chair
  • Best gaming keyboard
  • Best gaming mouse
  • Best gaming headset
  • Best value gaming headset


  • Best electric car
  • Best electric SUV
  • Best infotainment system
  • Best self-driving technology
  • Best in-car gadget
  • Best electric scooter
  • Best electric bike
  • Best dash cam
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