The Super Mario Bros. Movie streaming date revealed — landing on Peacock in August

Mario (voiced by Chris Pratt) in the Super Mario Movie, surrounded by mushrooms.
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Well there you have it folks: The Super Mario Bros. Movie's streaming date is confirmed! Yes, mere months after the film's theatrical release, the Mario movie (and its Chris Pratt-voiced plumber) are coming to Peacock (one of the best streaming services) next month.

Specifically, The Super Mario Bros. Movie hits Peacock on August 3rd, a Thursday. This is per an announcement made by the service today (July 6), a little under a month before that date.

You won't just get the film itself, though, as Peacock will also offer bonus features. Those include behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast and a lyric video for Bowser/Jack Black's song "Peaches." Also, you'll see a visual guide to the easter eggs in the movie, so you can tell if you missed any.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie will have taken 120 days to get from theaters to streaming, about three times as many days as it took for the movie to hit digital on demand. That 41-day gap was a bit of a surprise, as highly successful movies tend to take much longer, such as Avatar: The Way of Water and Top Gun: Maverick.

Analysis: The complexity of streaming dates

Avatar: The Way of Water? Well, it took 102 days to hit digital on-demand after earning nearly 2.32 million USD at the box office, and 173 overall to hit Disney Plus. An even longer wait of 209 days elapsed between Top Gun: Maverick's theatrical and Paramount Plus dates, after the film made 1.49 billion USD. 

So, Mario's slightly shorter wait after its 1.35 billion USD box office only really shows that there's no clear math to these sorts of things. My best advice is to see movies when you want to, and don't just wait for streaming. 

And looking at the waits between digital on-demand and streaming, it's hard to judge anyone who double-dips because they can't wait. Right now, with the whole streaming world in a state of upheaval — HBO shows are on Netflix for crying out loud — it's truly hard to predict where anything is going. 

Which is why we also recommend buying the movies and shows you truly love. We doubt The Super Mario Bros. Movie will ever get pulled — that seems to happen to titles with low viewing numbers — but the digital version costs $20 on Amazon and the 4K Blu-ray version is $30.

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