The one Prime Day deal I wanted never surfaced

Siri Remote for Apple TV 4K
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I wanted to participate in Prime Day 2021, honest I did. Like the rest of the world, I was looking forward to perusing through the list of best Prime Day deals and taking advantage of any sale that caught my fancy. Only there was item in particular I was looking for, hoping against hope that Amazon might knock a few bucks off the cost so that I could feel like a crafty consumer at last.

Sadly, it never happened. And with Day 2 of Amazon's two-day sales event in its waning hours, it looks like I'm out of luck for this particular device getting a Prime Day discount. And so, please allow me to mark this occasion by gazing heavenward and shouting up at the Prime Day gods — i.e. Jeff Bezos in his low-Earth-orbit spacecraft — in the hopes that they may hear this humble prayer.

Put a Prime Day discount on the new Apple TV 4k Siri Remote, you cowards.

Yes, yes, I can hear your scoffing — the Siri Remote isn't that expensive, Phil. And you are technically correct — the best kind of correct — as the Siri Remote is currently available for $59 at Amazon, the same price Apple charges at its online store.

All this is true, and yet low prices to begin with haven't stopped Amazon from knocking off a couple bucks to sweeten the deal on Prime Day before. Just look at our list of the best Prime Day deals for under $25. Yes, paying the full $59 for a Siri Remote is not going to break me. But would I like to pay $49 for it instead with Amazon's help? Yes, especially, is the answer to that question.

Apple TV 4K (2021): was $179 now $169 @ Amazon

Apple TV 4K (2021): was $179 now $169 @ Amazon
There's more to the latest Apple TV than just a much-improved remote. It supports high-frame rate HDR streaming as well as multiple users. Amazon has cut the price by $10 for Prime Day. And even with that modest price cut, it's temporarily out of stock.

I could just break down and buy a new Apple TV 4K, which includes the much coveted upgrade to the remote. And Amazon is offering a discount on that for Prime Day, lowering the cost on the set-top box by $10 to $169. But my current Apple TV works just fine, and the support for 4K resolution isn't going to be of much benefit to my 15-year-old TV. I just want the remote.

If you're wondering why the new remote is such a vital item for me, you've obviously never had to use its predecessor. I've outlined the sins of that remote before, but to summarize it's easy to lose, difficult to operate without staring directly at it, and more sensitive than a teenager binging on YA fiction. The new Siri Remote is better in every noticeable way.

Alas, the discount I was holding out for was not meant to be, which is unfortunate for me, and also for Amazon. Because once you've started shopping for one Prime Day deal, it's easy to add another to your cart. My wife has been agitating for us to get Samsung's 32-inch Frame QLED TV, which is also subject to a 20% Prime Day discount off its regular $599 price. Instead, the aforementioned 15-year-old TV lives to fight at least until the holiday shopping season. Maybe Amazon will hear my prayer by then. 

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