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The Marvels (Captain Marvel 2) release date, cast, trailer and news

The Marvels (Captain Marvel 2) release date, cast, trailer and news
(Image credit: Marvel)

Captain Marvel 2 finally has an official title: The Marvels. And that's fitting, considering how the film's cast appears to show that Carol Danvers isn't the only marvelous one in the MCU anymore.

Brie Larson’s next superhero adventure is a ways away, in the 2022 section of the upcoming Marvel movies. That means it's in the distance, past the Black Widow and Eternals. However, Captain Marvel has become a key player in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and this show will tie into not one but two of Marvel's TV shows.

Here’s everything we know so far about The Marvels (fka Captain Marvel 2), including its release date, cast and, yes, that Wolverine rumor.

The Marvels release date 

The Marvels is coming on November 11, 2022. This was a release date we've known about for a bit, but it was re-confirmed in a video posted by Marvel Studios hyping us all up the MCU Phase 4 movies.

This is a lot later than was anticipated. MCU tipster Charles Murphy originally leaked that Captain Marvel 2 will release on July 29, 2022. While Murphy correctly predicted the entire Marvel Phase 4 lineup back in July 2019, the covid-19 pandemic shook all of Marvel's plans up. Kevin Feige also confirmed Black Panther 2’s May 6 release date at D23 (via The Verge), adding further weight to this speculation. 

The Marvels cast 

The Marvels cast will star Brie Larson

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We have three big known roles in the cast for The Marvels. Of course, Brie Larson will reprise her role as the half-Kree, half-human intergalactic ass-kicker Carol Danvers. WandaVision fans will recognize Teyonah Parris who played Monica Rambeau in WandaVision, and is also set to appear. The third member of The Marvels family will be Iman Vellani, who stars as Ms. Marvel in the Disney Plus series of the same name.

We also wouldn’t be surprised to see Samuel L. Jackson reprise his role as Nick Fury, as well as Ben Mendelsohn as the seemingly evil but actually lovable Skrull named Talos.

Rumors have also speculated that Henry Cavill (yes, Superman and The Witcher himself) will make an appearance in Captain Marvel 2 as none other than X-Men icon Wolverine. This incredibly sketchy rumor originated on a site called The Digital Weekly, which doesn’t seem to be citing any credible sources.

Henry Cavill could appear in The Marvels

(Image credit: Katalin Vermes/Netflix)

However, speculation around Henry Cavill entering the MCU as Wolverine isn’t completely crazy. The Man of Steel star was rumored to be in talks with Marvel for a possible MCU role back in 2019. We already know that the X-Men are coming into the MCU, and that Marvel Studios mastermind Kevin Feige wants to bring mutants into the fold in a way that’s “quite different,” according to an interview with IGN. So what better way to do that than dropping the X-Men’s most iconic character into a Captain Marvel film, played by one of the hottest actors out there? 

The Marvels trailer 

We’re quite a ways out from getting a Captain Marvel 2 trailer — but this is the clip where Marvel revealed the film's official title is "The Marvels:"

The Marvels plot

Warning: Spoilers for a whole bunch of Marvel Cinematic Universe films follow. 

The first Captain Marvel film took place in the 90’s, and ended with Danvers defeating her former mentor Yon-Rogg before helping the stranded Skrull race find a new home. We later saw Danvers in the present day in Avengers: Endgame, during which she helped the Avengers defeat Thanos in the pivotal Battle of Earth. The post-credits scene of Spider-Man: Far From Home revealed that Nick Fury has been secretly working with the Skrulls in outer space, perhaps protecting against intergalactic threats as part of what many comic book fans expect to be S.W.O.R.D. (essentially the space version of S.H.I.E.L.D).

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The big question, then, is whether Captain Marvel 2 will bring things to the present day, or explore an in-between era like Wonder Woman 1984 is. We could see a film that shows what Danvers was up to around the galaxy while The Avengers were just getting started. Or, Captain Marvel 2 could focus on the present day, potentially assembling a new team of superheroes now that Iron Man and Captain America are out of the picture. 

In 2019, Brie Larson herself said she wanted Kamala Khan, aka the present-day Ms. Marvel, to appear in Captain Marvel 2. And now that's happening, so we could easily see The Marvels give Danvers a mentor role for Khan.