Simba Sleep launches new eco friendly mattress range — buy now for just £999

The Simba Escape Mattress in a neutral, well-lit bedroom
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Award-winning mattress brand brand Simba Sleep has launched a collection of sustainable mattresses for those in search of an eco-friendlier sleep. The Earth range features three new mattresses, all of which are crafted from distinct all-natural materials, such as cashmere and sustainably sourced UK wool. 

As with many of the best mattresses, all of the beds within Simba’s Earth range contain premium materials. However, the Earth range also relies exclusively on natural materials for premium comfort and support, as well as making the disassembling and recycling process simpler when you're finished with your mattress.

All of the new natural mattresses are rated as a medium-firm, which should suit most sleep positions.The most affordable of the range is the Simba Source mattress, the entry-level 6-layer model made from over 3,000 coils and contouring support layers of Yorkshire hemp and flax. You can pick up the Simba Source mattress for a starting price of £999 at Simba Sleep, with a double priced at £1,499. 

All mattresses in the collection come with a 200-night trial, a 10-year guarantee, free delivery, and a 15% off discount on your first order. Let's take a closer look at the Simba's Earth mattresses, including their prices and designs. 

The Simba Earth Range: Prices

The best natural mattresses come at a premium price, thanks to their top of the range eco-friendly materials - and the Earth range mattresses are no exception. The most affordable of the collection is the Simba Source, with a starting price of £999. On the other end of the price spectrum is the Simba Apex, which has a premium starting  price tag of £2,199.

The MSRP of each size of each Simba Source mattress is as follows: 

  • UK Single - 90X190 (cm) - £999
  • UK Double - 135X190 (cm) - £1,499
  • UK King - 150X200 (cm) - £1,599
  • UK Super King - 180X200 (cm) - £1,749

The MSRP of each size of each Simba Escape mattress is as follows:

  • UK Single - 90X190 (cm) - £1,399
  • UK Double - 135X190 (cm) - £1,999
  • UK King - 150X200 (cm) - £2,199
  • UK Super King - 180X200 (cm) - £2,499

The MSRP of each size of each Simba Apex mattress is as follows:

  • UK Single - 90X190 (cm) - £2,199
  • UK Double - 135X190 (cm) - £3,099
  • UK King - 150X200 (cm) - £3,299
  • UK Super King - 180X200 (cm) - £3,599
The Simba Earth Range: £999 at Simba Sleep

The Simba Earth Range: from £999 at Simba Sleep
There's currently no discount on Simba's Earth range, but there is a fairly healthy 15% off discount on first orders. Benefits include a 200-night mattress trial, free delivery, and a 10-year guarantee.

The Simba Earth Range: Features and design

A Simba Earth Mattress on a white background

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All mattresses in Simba's Earth range combine natural eco-conscious materials alongside Simba's trademark sleep tech. This sleep technology includes QuadCore springs, which reduce motion transfer, and Aerocoil Technology, which uses uniquely shaped springs to provide breathability and contouring comfort and support. Along with these technologies, Simba uses all-natural, 100% recyclable materials to add sustainable, non-toxic comfort for those who want a cleaner eco sleep. 

The collection features three medium-firm mattress: Simba Source, Simba Escape, and Simba Apex. All three mattress in the collection use spring technology for support UK wool for cushioning comfort, in addition to other green materials unique to each model: 

Simba Source
The most affordable of the range, the Simba Source Mattress is 25 cm high, has over 3,000 springs and features 6 layers, and uses a combination of Yorkshire hemp and flax with traditional cotton for breathability and pressure relief. 

Simba Escape
The more advanced model is the Simba Escape Mattress, which is 28cm high, has 7 layers, and features over 4,000 springs. Like the Source, the mattress also includes moisture-wicking Yorkshire hemp and cotton for heat control and pressure relief. (We've had a chance to test this message – learn more with our hands-on Simba Earth Escape mattress first impressions.)

Simba Apex
The most luxurious of the trio, the Simba Apex is 30cm high, boasts 8 layers, and feature over 5,000 springs. Unlike the Source and Escape, the Apex uses soft cashmere (upcycled from a British designer fashion house), velvety mohair, and smooth organic silk. 

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