Sexy Beasts season 2 trailer is here — here are the wildest costumes

Sexy beast season 2 reptile contestants
(Image credit: Netflix via YouTube)

It's almost time for Sexy Beasts season 2, debuting almost a week away on October 7, and so Netflix decided to drop the first trailer for the new season. And it's all kinds of wild. So, not only do we have the trailer for you to watch below, but we've also got images of the wild new costumes. There are also some very simple and not-shocking looks like the lion who may have already been revealed in the trailer.

But yes, that's right, season 2 (thankfully?) has a whole new set of gear for these love-birds and love-bats to wear. The contestants will wear these costumes on dates where they look to find true love without an inkling of what the other person actually looks like. One contestant just wants a girl who is like their mom, but doesn't look like their mom. Sexy Beasts may not be one of the best Netflix shows, but it sure is one of the wildest.

First up, let's go through the beasts we can't really define. The fang/horned lizard man shown first in the slideshow below is surprised to find that his date believes in mermaids, and doesn't seem to want to convince her otherwise. He sounds a lot like Pete Davidson, and we're really hoping that's the case (we think the SNL star is single now, but we're not sure).

Then, in slide two there's a Medusa and a beast on a boat clinking champagne. Imagine being on another boat and seeing that. Must have been fun. 

One of our early favorite contestants is the big-eyed bug who is making a pantomime for sexual intercourse (which seems to be her answer for what she's looking for, if the voice-over narrator is to be believed — something you should never do). And that red-scaled beaked costume, we're not sure what's going on there.

Next up is the wildest wabbit this side of Elmer Fudd's shotgun, who's got all the trademark signatures of rabbit (white fur, big pink ears, buck-teeth and that pink nose). The only catch is that the size of the mask makes it appear that this rabbit is about to become a werewolf or some other Universal Studios monster.

This is the contestant who wants to be with someone who is similar to his mother, but doesn't look like her. Interesting, right?

Sexy beast season 2 wild rabbit contestant

(Image credit: Netflix via YouTube)

As for Lady Frankenstein? What can we say but we're excited to see if her brain has animatronics that act up during the date. We're sure her fellow contestant won't bolt for the door were that to happen.

Sexy beast season 2 frankenstein contestant

(Image credit: Netflix via YouTube)

The tree faun below may be our favorite overall. The bark looks amazingly real, though the flowers look obviously fake. Hopefully, they find true love.

Sexy beast season 2 faun contestant

(Image credit: Netflix via YouTube)

Sexy Beasts season 2's six episode run debuts on October 7, 2021.

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