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Sexy Beasts season 2: Everything we know so far

Sexy Beasts season 2
(Image credit: Netflix)

Everyone is lustful for Sexy Beasts season 2, with good reason. One of the more unconventional reality series released in recent memory, Sexy Beasts has been a strange yet unsurprising hit for Netflix. 

The dating show sees contestants compete while in very realistic animal costumes to hide their faces and therefore judge true chemistry regardless of physical appearance. The premise alone has been enough to pull viewers in, and thankfully there's much more to see. 

Netflix renewed Sexy Beasts, which is based on Lion TV’s 2014 original British series for BBC Three, for season 2 before the first season even premiered on the streaming platform, so it was pretty much expected to be popular from the get-go.

The information about the upcoming season are pretty minimal, but using context clues and a few hints scattered around online, there are some details we can glean (or at least speculate on).

Sexy Beasts season 2 release date window and speculation

Sexy Beasts season 2 release date window and speculation

(Image credit: Netflix)

Given that Netflix renewed Sexy Beasts for another season before the first season even premiered, it makes sense that it won't be too long of a wait until season 2 is revealed. Variety recently confirmed the news, revealing that a new block of episodes will be released later in 2021. Two seasons in a single year? Netflix spoils us!

Obviously, “later this year” is pretty vague, but at the moment, that’s the best we have. No specific release date has been announced as of yet, likely because it hasn’t actually been set, but Netflix will reveal the specifics in due time, no doubt.

Sexy Beasts season 2 episodes

Sexy Beasts season 2: episodes

(Image credit: Netflix)

The first season of Sexy Beasts had six episodes and the second season will follow suit. Netflix has revealed that Sexy Beasts season 2 will also have six episodes, each of which will be about 30 minutes long. 

While shorter seasons means fewer episodes for audiences to devour, it hopefully means production can be speeded up and there won't be too much of a gap between new seasons. 

Sexy Beasts season 2 host and cast members

Sexy Beasts season 2: Cast and host

(Image credit: Netflix)

The first season of Sexy Beasts was narrated by actor and comedian Rob Delaney and he’ll be returning for season 2 as well. And that's great news because he’s hilarious! 

In terms of contestants, it's unclear who the daters will be or if the costumes used in season 1 - scarecrow, bull, aardvark, hammerhead shark, wolf, cheetah, etc - will be used again for season 2 or whether showrunners will come up with entirely new and different creations. 

Given the wide variety they used the first time around, they’d have to get extra creative to come up with entirely new ideas that haven’t already been used. Sexy Beasts season 2 wouldn't be quite as exciting if the masks were familiar, the shock value was a part of the fun.

Sexy Beasts season 2 filming

Sexy Beasts season 2: Filming

(Image credit: Netflix)

Again, there's no concrete information as to whether Sexy Beasts season 2 has actually begun filming just yet, but if episodes are due to premiere later this year, it makes sense that production could be well underway. In fact, it could be near finishing. 

While not an official source, The Cinemaholic claims that filming on the second season has already wrapped ahead of the end-of-year release date. This has not been confirmed by Netflix or any official source, but it rings pretty true.

Sexy Beasts season 2 format

It's safe to assume that the concept of Sexy Beasts season 2 will be exactly the same as the first - it's unlikely they'd have any reason to change a winning formula. 

The contestants will go on a series of very blind dates in full costume, getting to know the other person based on personality and character alone. Only after a constant meets someone with whom they truly click will they both be unmasked. It's a hilarious and sometimes surprisingly heartwarming format that really works, and it will be great to see it play out again next season.