Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 — the 5 biggest rumors so far

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 renders
(Image credit: Evan Blass/91Mobiles)

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 rumors are heating up with Samsung’s next smartwatch believed to arrive sometime in August 2022. Whether you’re a fan of Samsung devices, or expect to be in the market for a new wearable, you’ll want to know the biggest leaks and other insights into what the Galaxy Watch 5 will offer.

As a reminder, in 2021 Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series, which included a sporty-looking smartwatch as well as the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic with a more traditional design. It was the Wear OS 3 smartwatch, and quickly became one of the best smartwatches overall by introduced new features like the body composition analysis app. 

So what will be different between the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs. Galaxy Watch 4? Here are the five biggest rumors we’ve heard so far about Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch. As a reminder, most of these rumors are just that, so keep in mind they may or may not end up being true. But for now, here’s what we know.

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Perhaps the biggest recurring Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 rumor we’ve heard now multiple times is about a new Pro model of the Galaxy Watch, which could be one of three Galaxy Watch 5 models (with the other two being the size options for the standard Galaxy Watch 5.) The Pro device would be new branding for Samsung, and it could make the Galaxy Watch lineup be very different than what we’ve seen before.

According to Ice Universe, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will have premium materials, namely sapphire glass and titanium. This indicates the Pro will look great while being ultra durable, so perhaps it's actually going to be a step up from the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. It could also be Samsung's largest smartwatch yet.

2. No more rotating bezel

Alleged Galaxy Watch 5 renders shared by tipster Evan Blass and 91Mobiles tell us what design changes may be planned for the Samsung's next smartwatch. Overall, the watches follow a similar design language to last year — slim cases, simple side buttons and seamless watch-to-band transition.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Renders of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro (Image credit: Evan Blass/91Mobiles)

But it's looking like the physical rotating bezel won't be featured on the Watch 5. Not even the Pro model, which would logically replace the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, dons the navigational mechanism that has amassed many fans since the original Samsung Galaxy Watch launch.

3. Built-in body temperature sensor

We haven’t heard too many rumors about new Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 features on the inside, mostly just speculation about how Wear OS might look different with Samsung's One UI Watch skin compared to how the software will operate on the upcoming Google Pixel Watch. That said, we're curious about whether the Galaxy Watch 5 is getting a new health sensor.

Rumors about the feature for Apple Watch Series 8 make us wonder if both upcoming devices will get body temperature readings. Some tipsters say it's happening for the Galaxy Watch, while others say it's not. (Note that the same contradictions are happening for the next Apple Watch.) 

Either way, a body temperature sensor for the Galaxy Watch 5 would make it a more capable health-tracking device, and potentially let you know when something’s off on your normal temperature. The metric is perhaps most commonly used for tracking your temperature while sleeping, but Samsung could find different ways to apply temperature tracking in the health experience.

4. Bigger battery and faster charging

We’ve heard multiple rumors about the the Galaxy Watch 5 battery life and charging. One of those rumors says the Galaxy Watch 5 'Pro' model will pack a 572 mAh battery — that's nearly a 60% increase compared to the 361 mAh battery found in the larger, 44mm Galaxy Watch 4. As a result, Samsung's smartwatch could last longer than before.

When it comes to charging speeds, an FCC listing for three Galaxy Watch 5 models reveals all of them support 10W charging. This would mean faster charging from the 5W charging on the Galaxy Watch 4 series, so less time on the charger and more time with the smartwatch on your wrist.

5. Rumored price

The rumored Galaxy Watch 5 Pro prices could be higher than they were for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series. We have a major tip revealing what all the Galaxy Watch 5 prices might be, and it's a bit surprising.

WinFuture's Roland Quandt shared the alleged Galaxy Watch 5 prices on Twitter, claiming it will start around €300 for the Bluetooth-only, 40mm model. That converts to about $315, a step up from the entry-level Samsung Galaxy Watch 4's $249 starting price. The Pro model could go up to 540 Euros, ($570). But it’s important to know that prices for these devices rarely translate perfectly, and might look different in different regions.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 outlook

Again, all of what we've heard so far about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is rumors, but we're starting to get a better idea of what the next year of wearables from Samsung could look like. 

The Galaxy Watch 5 is believed to launch alongside the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 at a Samsung Unpacked August 2022 event. We expect to hear more substantial rumors closer to the big event.

When will that happen? A new tip says the next Samsung Unpacked is happening on August 10.

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