Samsung Galaxy Note 20 could have the best phone display ever — here’s why

Samsung Galaxy Note 20
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The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 could get one of the best smartphone displays yet, with an increased size and resolution over the Note 10 as well as a high refresh rate panel. 

That’s according to Ross Young, a supply chain expert who regularly posts Galaxy phone leaks. His latest tweets detail the display specs of both the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Plus. 

Young said the Galaxy Note 20 will see its display grow from the 6.3-inch panel on the Galaxy Note 10 to 6.42 inches. And to keep things sharp with this bump in size, the 19.5:9 aspect ratio display will have a 2345 x 1084 resolution, translating into a pixel per inch density of 404. 

The Galaxy Note 20 Plus is expected to have a 6.87-inch display, an increase over the Galaxy Note 10 Plus’ 6.8-inch AMOLED display. Young noted that Samsung will bump the display resolution up to 2096 x 1444, resulting in a 497 ppi. That should lead to a very sharp 19.3:9 aspect ratio display.

Both Galaxy Note 20 phones will also get the 120Hz refresh rate found in the likes of the Galaxy S20 Plus, but with lower power consumption and a variable refresh rate.

That means the display will be able to automatically adjust the refresh rate for apps that support high refresh rates and those that don’t, thereby saving on battery life. We’ve seen such a feature in the Google Pixel 4 with its 90Hz refresh-rate display, though it had some issues at launch and reverted back to 60Hz too often under low brightness settings.

However, Young followed up the next day with an important caveat: That 120Hz display may be exclusive to the larger Galaxy Note 20 Plus. He mentions that the standard Note 20 will have a LTPO display with a 60Hz refresh rate.

Given the feature set and refreshed design Apple’s iPhone 12 is shaping up to get, the Galaxy Note 20 will need to be a rather impressive handset if it’s to do battle with the next iPhone. 

New leaks have pointed towards the iPhone 12 getting a 120Hz ProMotion display, which not only promises a high refresh-rate but also one that can dynamically adjust between 60Hz and 120Hz. If the Galaxy Note 20 comes out in August has predicted, it could steal the march on the iPhone 12 by offering such smart screen tech first. In a recent episode of Front Page Tech, host Jon Prosser claims that Apple may scrap ProMotion if it has too big an impact on battery life, which could give the Note 20 an even bigger edge. 

According to Young, there won't be a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra variant.

As it stands, the Galaxy S20 Ultra will remain the only "ultra" phone in Samsung’s flagship smartphone quiver. But Young notes that the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will effectively be the next Ultra phone, as it’s set to be one of the most feature-packed handsets Samsung has ever made. 

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