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iPhone 9 may be the iPhone SE 2 after all

An unofficial render of the iPhone SE 2/iPhone 9. (Image credit: @OnLeaks/iGeeksBlog)

Despite rumors that Apple’s low-cost phone may be named iPhone 9, the evidence is mounting to support the iPhone SE 2 moniker.

The latest comes from a case manufacturer. These companies have contacts deep inside the factories that make the phones, boxes, and accessories. Their sources are good enough to obtain the information needed to make case molds and marketing materials in advance of Apple’s public releases. It’s a risky business, as they can lose a lot of money making hundreds of thousands of cases in advance of official product launches. If their information is wrong, they have to trash everything and lose a lot of money. But if they are right, they can hit a jackpot by being first to market.

The bottom line is that we have to pay attention to their bets. As Apple fan blogs AppleInsider and 9to5mac points out, manufacturer Totallee has started to take pre-orders for an “ultra-thin iPhone SE 2” case. It even sent a mass email to its customers announcing it.

This is specially more significant because we know that the iPhone SE 2 has allegedly entered production last week, confirming a previous report by famed Chinese analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that says the phone may arrive to stores on March — if the coronavirus allows it. Kuo, who has been referring to the low-cost cellphone as the iPhone SE 2, believes that the production will be slowed down by the effects of the virus in the supply chain and assembly factories.

The iPhone SE 2 — or iPhone 9 — is supposed to be $399 smartphone that packs an A13 Bionic CPU in an iPhone 8 body with a 4.7-inch LCD display and a power button-mounted Touch ID sensor.

But beyond all this, I’d say let’s just call it iPhone SE 2. Calling it iPhone 9 will be just dumb after having an iPhone X (for 10). Calling it the second coming of the original iPhone Special Edition makes a lot more sense.