New rumor claims Google Pixel Fold will launch this year after all

Pixel Fold Concept
(Image credit: Waqar Khan | Remix via Nick Bush)

Is the Google Pixel Fold coming this year? There have been rumors that the foldable Pixel has been delayed, while we’ve also had reason to believe it may still be on track for a 2021 launch. Now long-time leaker Evan Blass has entered the discussion.

Blass claims he’s heard about the Pixel Fold from someone he trusts, and this source claims the phone will launch before the end of this year. Which sounds like great news for anyone hoping for a new foldable that isn’t made by Samsung.

Blass also reiterates one Pixel Fold rumor we’ve been hearing for a while — the apparent fact that the phone is codenamed "Passport." That doesn’t tell us a lot, but it does imply that the Pixel Fold might have a fold-out design, like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

We’ve also heard that the phone may get the Pixel 6’s Tensor chip, the first Pixel chipset to be developed by Google itself. That essentially means the phone could be running on hardware that has been built and optimized specifically for Pixel phones — which may give the phone a performance boost. Google has also said it offers better security and processing for AI and machine learning.

Unfortunately, we don’t know a great deal else about the Pixel Fold. While Google’s mobile division is typically as leakproof as a colander, we’ve heard surprisingly little about the phone itself. It’s enough to make us wonder whether the phone was delayed, as a previous rumor claimed. Or if Google has finally been able to step up its game and keep a new phone relatively secret.

But this is the problem with relying on rumors and speculation: we don’t really know anything for sure until Google actually comes out and tells us what’s going on. Even someone as reputed as Blass may get it wrong sometimes.

At the moment the best candidate for a Pixel Fold launch is during the Google Pixel 6 series launch event. That’s currently rumored to be taking place on October 19, which means we have just under a month to find out what’s happening with Google next-gen phones.

Let’s just hope that an October 19 launch means the Pixel Fold will arrive before the end of the year. Because ‘launch date’ and ‘release date’ aren’t always the same thing.

Tom Pritchard
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