Galaxy Note 10 Video Shows Phone From Every Angle

Galaxy Note 10 render
(Image credit: Waqar Khan/YouTube)

The Galaxy Note 10 is almost here. In fact, the August 7 event is so close it feels like we can already see the phone and touch it.

Well, you can cross that first thing off your list.

A new video on YouTube shows off the most striking-looking renders yet of Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone. The designer, Waqar Khan, does a very convincing job showing off the Galaxy Note 10’s design, which looks to be a marked improvement over the Galaxy Note 9.

Galaxy Note 10 colors render

(Image credit: Waqar Khan/YouTube)

The most prominent difference is the Infinity-O display, which has a small front camera cutout up top in the center of the screen. The Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ have a “punch hole,” too, but on those phones it’s in the top right corner of the screen. The overall goal is to minimize the bezels, and this design definitely does the trick. 

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Based on the renders, it looks like this cutout may not be very distracting at all. In the video you can see an Asphalt racing game running on the display in landscape mode. The punch hole is definitely more visible when on a while background, though.

The other major change is what’s not here. To match up with previous reports, the Note 10 shown in this video does not have a headphone jack. The bottom of the handset simply has a place to store the S Pen and a USB-port, along with a speaker.

Speaking of audio, the Note 10 video shows what seems to be a microphone for calls towards the top of the handset. The render does not demonstrate how the rumored Sound on Display feature might work, which will reportedly turn the screen into a speaker for calls 

Around back, you’ll find a triple-lens camera for the Galaxy Note 10, which lines up with the rumors. Samsung’s phones are expected to feature a standard camera, a telephoto zoom and an ultra-wide lens. The Galaxy Note 10+, which isn’t in this video, is allegedly getting a fourth lens or time-of-flight (ToF) sensor, which will help create a more convincing bokeh effect and improve performance in augmented reality apps.

The S Pen, which is one of the hallmark features of the Note 10, is featured in the video. However, the clip doesn’t demonstrate any of the S Pen’s supposed new powers, such as new Air Command gestures and the ability to make sounds when you’re working (such as a highlighter sound, for example).

Overall, the Galaxy Note 10 look beautiful in this clip, but we’d like to see what the final color options are going to be and learn more about its pricing before we get any more excited. Check out our frequently updated Galaxy Note 10 rumors hub page to learn more.

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