Major Nintendo Switch exclusive just got pushed back — what you need to know

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Nintendo Switch exclusive Bayonetta 3 might not be as far along in development as fans have been hoping for. And according to an interview with PlatinumGames cofounder Hideki Kamiya, we should forget about Bayonetta 3 for the time being.

While speaking to VGC, Kamiya hinted that if the game were to come out in 2021, it wouldn't be in the next few months. 

"It’s January. We’ve got to have something come out, right? I guess it’s safe to expect that something will come out. There’s still a lot of the year left is what I’m saying," said Kaymiya. 

Author Andy Robinson pushed Kamiya further, asking him if fans could expect an update, beyond another CGI logo.

"I understand it’s driving the fans crazy! In light of that, my suggestion would be that maybe we should all reset and forget about Bayonetta 3," said Kamiya. "Then when something finally does happen, it will be a nice surprise, won’t it?"

PlatinumGames is a Japanese studio known for making high intensity action games. It was founded by Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil 4), Atsushi Inaba (producer, Astral Chain), Hideki Kamiya (Okami), and Tatsuya Minami (Resident Evil).

The studio's most recent projects include the philosophically confounding, but incredible Nier: Automata, Nintendo Switch exclusive Astral Chain, and The Wonderful 101: Remastered.

Luckily for Bayonetta fans, Sega did release a 4K 60 fps remaster of the original Bayonetta for PS4 and Xbox One. And Bayonetta 2 has since been ported from Wii U to Nintendo Switch. But beyond that, fans will have to wait. 

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