Aluminum Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are a game changer — but there's a catch

Boxy Pixel Aluminum Joy-Con Shells
(Image credit: Boxy Pixel)

Boxy Pixel, the company behind all-metal Game Boys, has just launched its latest product: all-aluminum Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. 

Much like Boxy Pixel's other products, the company provides metal housing for gaming tech, However, it's up to users to assemble it, giving a DIY element to this premium take on Switch Joy-Cons. 

Apart from the Joy-Cons being made from aluminum, there are some slight nods to past Nintendo hardware. The right Joy-Con has four lines milled towards the bottom, reminiscent of the speaker grill on the original Game Boy. 

The left Joy-Con also opts for a D-pad design, instead of the four-button layout Nintendo defaults to. And over on the back, it has indented lines running across also giving it that DMG Game Boy aesthetic.

Boxy Pixel Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons

(Image credit: Boxy Pixel)

The aluminum Joy-Con shells don't come cheap. The shells alone are $99. Metal buttons are another $22. And that's before taxes and shipping. Apparently, that's the cost of boutique luxury gaming hardware.

YouTube channel Macho Nacho Productions has put out an excellent video giving an in-depth tour of the Joy-Cons. It's definitely worth checking out.

If you've yet to get a Switch, then check out where to buy a Nintendo Switch online article for more information to snag yourself Nintendo's stella hybrid game console. 

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