LG's huge 70-inch 4K TV just crashed to $699 before Black Friday

LG 70-inch NanoCell 75UQA deal
(Image credit: LG)

Black Friday may be just under a month away, but if you want a great deal on a big-screen TV, then this offer from Best Buy is seriously worth your time.

Right now the 70-inch LG NanoCell 75UQA is just $699 at Best Buy. That's an excellent $200 off for a 4K set this size. You'd be hard pressed to find a better price than that, even if you do wait for Black Friday.

LG 70" NanoCell 75UQA 4K TV: $899$699 @ Best Buy

LG 70" NanoCell 75UQA 4K TV: $899 $699 @ Best Buy
A big screen that won't break the bank, this 70-inch TV uses LG's NanoCell technology to offer a vivid colors with deep blacks. Gamers will love the Game Optimizer which quickly adjusts settings in one location, and it even comes with three free months of Apple TV Plus.

To be clear, this is a mid-range offering and won't offer the incredible picture quality of the best LG TVs - especially not the OLED models. But for $699.99 you're still getting a huge amount of bang for your buck if you choose to buy today. 

We haven't actually reviewed this particular model, but the specs and features look good. LG's NanoCell technology promises a vivid colors and deep blacks with both HDR10 and HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) supported. The set offers over a billion colors to help the best shows pop. 

And thanks to the built-in WebOS, there's no shortage of streaming options with Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Hulu, Peacock, Paramount Plus, YouTube and Apple TV Plus all built in. The latter of these comes with three months free for new or lapsed members too, which is a nice freebie if you're yet to enjoy the best Apple TV Plus shows (Severance is especially great!)

As an LG TV owner myself (the LG BX OLED in my case), I can say that the company makes some quality sets and I can't see myself switching manufacturers when the time comes. I personally opted for a 65-inch model, which is large, but not as imposing as you might expect given the company's ever-shrinking bezels.

With Black Friday just under a month away, there's certainly good reason to wait and see what TV deals emerge in the next few weeks. But if you want a big screen today, then it's hard to imagine you getting a better 70-inch panel for under $700 before then.

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