Hurry! Xbox Series S is back in stock at Argos now

Xbox Series S review
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It’s been difficult finding where to buy an Xbox Series X, because the console has been in such high demand. Fortunately the Xbox Series S has not been quite as sought after, and that means it’s back in stock over at Argos. (opens in new tab)

The retailer seems to have an ample supply of stock right now, which is available for both home delivery and Click & Collect all over the country. Plus, being the reputable retailer that it is, Argos isn’t price gouging.

Xbox Series X: £249.99 @ Argos (opens in new tab)

Xbox Series X: £249.99 @ Argos (opens in new tab)
The all-digital Xbox Series S is back in stock at Argos, available for home delivery and Click & Collect across the country. If you want a next-gen upgrade sooner rather than later, this is your chance to pick it up and enjoy the latest Xbox games in 1440p 120fps.

The Xbox Series S isn’t quite as powerful a console as its sibling. Where the Xbox Series X offers native 4K and HDR visuals, the Series S has to upscale from 1440p and SDR. It’s better than nothing, but it doesn’t look quite as good. Likewise it’s a digital-only console, and doesn’t have a disc drive for playing physical games.

But on the flipside the Series S is £200 cheaper, with a £250 RRP. It can also hit 120 fps at full resolution, if that’s what you want to see. As many PC gamers will no doubt tell you. 1440p at 120 fps beats 4K at 60fps any day. It also has ray-tracing, though it's a little bit more limited than the Series X can offer.

But being less popular means the console is back in stock far sooner, and if you’re looking to get a next-gen upgrade sooner rather than later, this is your chance. Just hurry, before Argos runs out of stock in your area, even if it means trekking to your local branch to pick it up.

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