Halo Infinite teaser reveals a surprise new enemy

Halo Infinite teaser reveals a surprise new enemy
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Halo Infinite is set to be one of the biggest games on the Xbox Series X, as well as a potential launch title for the next-generation console. And thanks to a Tweet by the Halo account, we have a little more detail about the game’s story. 

The Halo account tweeted a short video clip of a fluctuating signal titled “Signal Detected: Tag Designation: Foe” containing a broadcast made by “The Banished,” which suggests they may be one of the main enemies in the next Halo game. This teaser comes ahead of a major Xbox event scheduled for July, which promises to show off a load of first-party Xbox Series X games including Halo Infinite. 

From what we’ve seen so far, Halo Infinite looks to follow on from the story of Halo 5: Guardians in which Cortana, AI construct and friend of protagonist Master Chief, takes over a galaxy-spanning network of machines with the aim to keep various races in check in a form of pseudo forced peace. As such, we can expect Halo Infinite to involve trying to stop Cortana from gaining galaxy-wide domination.  

But The Banished also look set to play a role in the next Halo game. First seen in Halo Wars 2 — a real-time strategy game set in the Halo Universe — The Banished are a group of mercenaries that broke off from the Covenant Empire and effectively go about the galaxy looking to plunder tech and resources for the sheer joy of it. The faction features a lot of the Jiralhanae or Brutes, which are the savage enemies first seen in Halo 2. 

As such, it looks like Master Chief will be fighting Brutes as well as assorted constructs in Halo Infinite. And going by the garbled message in the video, it looks like The Banished will be holed up on another Halo ring, so we’re hoping that battling them will involve making use of the large open and dynamic combat spaces Halo Combat evolved and Halo 3 provided. 

There's also a small chance that this could be a teaser for Halo Wars 3, though there have been precious few rumors around that game other than some concept art from a cancelled pitch that surfaced in 2017

With that in mind with Halo Infinite only about five months away, it’s very likely that the clip in the tweet relates to Halo infinite. We’re expecting to get more clarity on this next month, though Microsoft has yet to firm up a date in July for its next Xbox showcase. 

And we are hoping that Halo Infinite will showcase how the Xbox Series X's 12 teraflops of power and its speedy SSD can be put to good use. As well as give us a clue about the future of console gaming for Xbox

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