Black PS5 faceplates are now available for the PS5 Digital Edition

darkplates ps5 digital edition
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Update: if a recent patent is anything to go by, the PS5 could finally get official swappable faceplates.

Electronics vinyl skin company dbrand released new PS5 faceplates to give your console a matte black makeover earlier this month. Now the company has announced the PS5 Digital Edition will get the same treatment.

We knew PS5 Digital Edition Darkplates were coming, but it didn’t go on sale at the same time as the disc-enabled PS5’s did. Fortunately, digital fans didn’t have to wait very long as these Darkplates are available to pre-order right now

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The pricing of the Digital Edition Darkplates is exactly the same as the Disc Edition: $59, but currently reduced to $49. As before, you can buy a skin for the middle of the console, which will cost you $19.95 on its own, or $11.95 when bundled with a set of Darkplates. Plus $5 shipping, naturally.

It’s a pricey upgrade to be sure, but people have been asking Sony for a black PS5 ever since the console’s design was first revealed last year. While the removable faceplates mean you can customize your console without resorting to sticky decals, Sony hasn’t offered any official means of doing so. It’s even taken legal action against PlateStation, which started offering custom PS5 plates last year. It's why dbrand is openly daring Sony to sue it over the Darkplates.

Of course, being the only serious option for getting a black PS5 means the Darkplates are quite popular. The Disc Edition plates are already on its fourth wave, while the Digital Edition has only just kicked off its first. In either case, you’re going to have to wait until May before shipment.

dbrand says that the Darkplates will only be available in limited quantities, but you can still buy both versions of the plates for your PS5. There is also set to be additional waves of both models in the near future, so you will have plenty of opportunities to pick either up.

If you're still asking where to buy PS5, you're not alone. The consoles are notoriously difficult to get hold of, thanks to huge demand and the fact scalpers are pilfering all the stock to sell for a profit. But when you do get yours, dbrand's Darkplates would make the perfect compliment.

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