The Black PS5 is finally here — and it's cheaper than we thought

dbrand darkplates black ps5
(Image credit: dbrand)

Earlier this week we heard news that accessory-maker dbrand was preparing to give PS5 fans the black console they’ve been asking about for the better part of a year. All made possible thanks to the console’s removable exterior plates.

At the time the black plates weren’t on sale, but things have changed. dbrand’s Darkplates are now available to pre-order, and they’re even cheaper than we were expecting. 

Previously dbrand had sent out a survey to potential customers, asking them how much they’d be willing to pay to give their PS5 a shiny matte polish. The lowest potential price for the plates themselves was $69, while the company was asking whether people felt a $15 shipping fee was reasonable.

It was shaping up to be quite an expensive upgrade. But fortunately, things aren’t quite so pricey.

The Darkplates officially cost $60 if you’re buying for the PS5 Disc Edition, though they’re enjoying an introductory price cut at the moment. That means they cost $49, plus an additional $5 for shipping. Sadly plates for the PS5 Digital Edition aren’t available right now.

You can buy custom “Middle Skins” for both consoles, though. They are decals you apply to the middle of the console to mix things up, and are available in seven designs. Matte black, neon yellow, and matte white are available as single colors, while patterned designs include robot camo, triple black, redcode, and silicon. 

The skins are $19.95 on their own, but you can buy one for $11.95 if you bundle it with a pair of Darkplates. That’s a lot more than the previously-touted price of $0.69, but that’s capitalism for you.

black ps5 darkplates skin

(Image credit: dbrand)

dbrand also made sure to add micro detailing to the inside of each plate, much like Sony did on the ones that come with your PS5. The only difference is the company swapped out Sony logos for its own “apocalyptic spin." dbrand claimed that this would protect it from Sony lawsuits, which led to the downfall of fellow PS5 accessory-maker PlateStation

In fact, the company is brazenly daring Sony to try and sue and I can’t tell if that’s incredibly stupid or some major-league trolling.

If you’re lucky enough to have a PS5, and you want to change up the color scheme, then you know exactly where to go. dbrand’s already sold out its first three waves of Darkplates, meaning you’re going to have to wait until May before you can get yours. They are still available to pre-order, so be sure to get your order in now to avoid future disappointment.

Still, these are not going to be as hard to come by as an actual PS5. For starters, there are no computer chips needed, so they’re not affected by the same global chip shortage that’s limiting PS5 production. Nor are the scalpers buying up all the Darkplates and acting like they’re doing everyone a favor. Not as far as we know, anyway.

If you’re still looking for a PS5 be sure to check out our guide on where to buy PS5. Competition is fierce, and you have your work cut out for you, but if you’re patient and stay vigilant you will eventually get one for yourself. And without paying outrageous scalper prices.

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