Amazon Prime Video just got a big upgrade it’s been sorely missing

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Prime Video's Watch Party feature was already a great way to chat with friends while enjoying movies or TV shows online — and now it's even better. 

Previously only available on compatible desktops and the iOS/Android app, Watch Party has now been expanded to work across all devices that can support the Prime Video app; from the best 4K TVs to some of the best Roku devices and more. The only catch, as before, is that you need to be an Amazon Prime member to use it. 

The extra device support greatly expands the scope of Watch Party, and arguably gives it the flexibility it was sorely missing. Previously, you’d have to either watch on a smartphone or tablet or use a PC or laptop to stream to a TV or the likes of a Chromecast; hardly an elegant way to enjoy a movie with a mass of people. 

How to use Amazon Prime Video Watch Party

This updated version of Watch Party is very easy to use. 

We've got a full tutorial in our how to use Amazon Prime Video Watch Party guide, but in short: 

1. Simply click or tap on the Watch Party icon that's been added to the options menu you’ll find alongside a movie or TV series. 

2. From there, choose a name you’d like to use while chatting, then tap “Create Watch Party.” After that, you’ll be able to share this Watch Party link with up to 100 people; these folks can join the party by simply clicking or tapping on the link.

3. Once the party is set up and you know everyone is ready, simply start the Watch Party. This will play the movie or show, and will give the host the ability to play, pause, skip and seek for the group. People will also be able to chime in with comments, directions, observations and smug cinephile knowledge in a pop-up chat panel. 

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This means people can chirp in with their reactions to the stellar Free Navy battle in The Expanse, or ‘that moment’ at the end of The Boys season 2. They could pontificate on why the crew of the USS Discovery seems rather dumb. That one super-smug friend can comment that they saw the twist of No Time to Die from a mile off, while those of a cerebral nature, like our own Henry T. Casey, can observe just how binge-worthy The Wilds is.

Amazon’s website claims Watch Party is “almost like watching side-by-side in real life — without having to share your popcorn.” But I suspect whoever wrote that hasn’t had some 50-plus people in their house, including several who are unable to keep quiet during pivotal movie moments.

Then again, as much as I like watching movies alone, there's a sense of camaraderie when watching a blockbuster or hit TV series with a few friends, then chewing the fat afterwards. And Watch Party could be one way to do that without needing excessive planning or getting everyone in one place.

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  • Tanquen
    The best feature they've added in a long time is the one where they move shows, some of them that you want to watch, to an app where you have to watch commercials all the time.
  • LaidigDavid
    Amazon sorely needs a search for "my stuff". Amazon has the stupidest, non user friendly app out there.