GTA 6 release date — here’s the latest details after Take-Two earnings call

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GTA 6 is arguably the most hotly anticipated video game release in history. Its debut trailer, launched in December of last year, has racked up almost 175m views on YouTube alone, and now everybody is asking when will GTA 6 be in our hands. 

While we still don’t have a firm answer, a recent Take-Two earnings call may have shed a little light on the situation. As noted by several sources including Variety, Take-Two (parent company of GTA developer Rockstar) is predicting a significant revenue spike in its 2025 fiscal year. 

Take-Two CFO Lainie Goldstein said, “At this time, the number is tracking a little above $7 billion for Net Bookings in FY25” but did note that no finalized numbers would be given until a further earnings call scheduled for May. However, if this projection holds, it would be a big jump in revenue compared to the $5.3 billion that Take-Two is expected to earn by the close of its fiscal year 2024. 

The fiscal year 2025 will run from April 1, 2024, to March 31, 2025, and the sizeable projections have led to speculation that GTA 6 will debut within the first three months of 2025. After all, such a huge spike in earnings can only really be attributed to a major release, and unless Red Dead Redemption 3 has been secretly in development for the last six years, GTA 6 seems the most logical explanation.

Sizeable projections have led to speculation that GTA 6 will debut within the first three months of 2025.

Of course, this is all merely speculation for now, and even if GTA 6 is currently scheduled to launch within Take-Two’s 2025 fiscal year, the open-world crime game could still slip beyond this period. Looking at the franchise’s history, GTA 5 was originally confirmed for a release in the spring of 2023 but was eventually pushed back to September of that year to apply further polish. 

In the same earnings call, Strauss Zelnick, Take-Two CEO, was quick to explain to investors that GTA 6 will not be released until it’s ready. “We’re seeking perfection and when we've optimized [GTA 6], that's the time to release,” said Zelnick during the call. So, if GTA 6 isn’t meeting the franchise's high-quality standards, Take-Two will seemingly have no qualms about delaying the game beyond its currently targeted release window. 

While we wait for more GTA 6 details, we’ll just have to continue rewatching the debut trailer on repeat. If you somehow missed this first look at the next Grand Theft Auto game when it surfaced online towards the end of 2023, it confirmed the setting will be Vice City — GTA’s version of Miami — and introduced us to new protagonist Lucia; the series' first female protagonist in almost 25 years. Here’s hoping we get some fresh details very soon.  

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