Nintendo Switch 2 reveal could be next month — here’s what we know

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The interest surrounding the (currently unconfirmed) Nintendo Switch 2 is reaching a fever pitch as new rumors and leaks are appearing daily. After months of speculating, everybody is now asking “When will Nintendo reveal the Switch 2?” and courtesy of a well-known tipster, we might just have an answer.

In the latest episode of the Game & Talk podcast, panelist NateTheHate said, “The Switch 2 appears to be poised and ready for a reveal or an announcement in March.” The leaker went as far as to say “Nintendo will announce the Switch 2 in March.” 

NateTheHate doubled down on his information as the discussion continued: “Everything I'm hearing dating back to Gamescom last year has indicated something was happening in March. That talk has resurfaced in the last few weeks, and it is indicating that the Switch 2 is set for a reveal or an announcement in March."

Like many online tipsters, NateTheHate has a mixed track record when it comes to offering accurate insider details. So while his assertions that Nintendo plans to talk Switch 2 details soon are exciting, we’d advise taking this latest leak with a healthy grain of salt. Until we get concrete word from Nintendo nothing is guaranteed. 

However, putting on our speculating hat, a Nintendo Switch 2 reveal in March would make sense. Many rumors peg Nintendo’s next hardware for a release sometime in the back half of 2024, and an early spring reveal lineups with that notion. 

Looking at the company's previous flagship hardware release, Nintendo waited five months between confirming the Nintendo Switch in October 2016 and launching it in March 2017. A similar gap between the March Switch 2 reveal suggested by Nate and its release would have the console landing in August, which feels plausible. Although, I would personally bet on a September release date as it would lead into the holidays. 

Nintendo Switch 2 rumors are endless 

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This is far from the only Nintendo Switch 2 rumor that is doing the rounds right now. In fact, it seems like every single supposed tipster, leaker and insider is claiming to have an exclusive scoop about Nintendo’s tightly under-wraps plans to follow up its best-selling Switch console. 

Perhaps the most prominent report currently circulating comes from a BBN Bloomberg. The media outlet has suggested that Nintendo will pack a larger 8-inch display compared to the 7-inch panel found on the premium Nintendo Switch OLED (the regular Switch offers a mere 6.2 inches). However, it’s not all good news, Bloomberg also claims Nintendo has opted for an LCD screen over an OLED option. A potentially disappointing decision that has one TG staffer saying “I’m out" already. 

As there’s an overwhelming volume of Nintendo Switch 2 speculation out there at the minute, I’ve attempted to cut through the noise by examining the rumors I think are legit, but until Nintendo decides to comment on its future hardware plans, it’s really all a guessing game. Fingers crossed the Big-N is ready to break its silence soon as we’re desperate for some confirmed details.  

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