Act fast! My favorite PS5 controller just hit its lowest ever price

Nacon Revolution 5 Pro Controller in black sitting on a desk.
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I wasn’t expecting to replace my DualSense Edge anytime soon. And then what do you know? Nacon releases its Revolution 5 Pro Controller and I’m instantly hooked. For my money, it’s the best premium PS5 gamepad on the market and it just hit the lowest price I’ve ever seen it retail for. 

Right now, the Nacon Revolution 5 Pro Controller is on sale for $174 at Amazon (thanks, GamesRadar). That’s the lowest price I’ve ever seen this gamepad drop to. It normally sells for $199, so that’s a nice $25 discount on a peripheral that is even more customizable than the similarly priced DualSense Edge. 

Nacon Revolution 5 Pro Controller: was $199 now $174 @ Amazon

Nacon Revolution 5 Pro Controller: was $199 now $174 @ Amazon
This officially licensed Sony controller is a must-have accessory for PlayStation fans. The Nacon Revolution 5 Pro is hugely customizable, featuring remappable shortcuts, a swappable D-Pad, interchangeable controller weights, customizable thumbstick sizes and heads, and more. The Revolution 5 Pro also has Hall Effect magnetic sensors, you can say so long to stick drift. 

One big advantage this officially licensed controller has over the Edge is that it has separate PS4 and PC modes, allowing you to use it on both Sony’s last-gen console and the best gaming PCs. And to be completely honest with you, I’ve spent most of my time with the Revolution 5 Pro playing the best Steam games on my rig. 

Like the DualSense Edge you can swap between different controller presets by pressing a button on the rear of the Pro. You can swap between five presets on PS5 and four on PC through the excellent Revolution 5 Pro app. Not only does this handy software come pre-installed with four existing Nacon presets — ‘Fighting’, ‘FPS’, Infiltration’ and ‘Racing’ — you can also create your own profiles. 

This is where Nacon’s controller really comes to its own when used on a PC or one of the best gaming laptops. The company’s app let you tweak trigger pull settings, vibration strength, fiddle with the RGB lighting that surrounds the right stick, while also allowing you to remap every button on the controller — including the pleasingly snappy S1, S2, S3, and S4 inputs located on the back of this gamepad. For context, that’s two more than the Edge has.

Pro home

Nacon Revolution 5 Pro Controller rear shot.

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I’ve primarily been using the Revolution 5 Pro with Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree, and it’s great being able to set the run and jump commands to the back buttons. This is obviously a personal preference, but I find that using those responsive rear inputs makes riding Torrent more enjoyable.

In general, I simply prefer the design of Nacon’s device over the DualSense Edge. Its touchpad feels more tactile, its Hall Effect sticks feel ultra responsive and I dig its large and chunky face buttons. The fact you can also install controller weights into the back of the pad — the textured grips slide off with these to allow this — is a seriously cool feature. I love the feel of this controller with the heaviest 16g weights.

$174 is obviously a whole lot of money to spend on a gamepad, especially when a regular DualSense normally goes for $69. But Nacon really does a lot to make the Revolution 5 Pro premium, and its extensive customization options, swappable thumbsticks and the fact it works so well with my PC means I can overlook the fact it doesn’t support haptic feedback on PS5.

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