How does a VPN work on Fire Stick?

How does a VPN work on Fire Stick?
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"How does a Fire Stick VPN work?" we hear you ask. Good question. It pays to know how your VPN works since that will help you to get the most out of it when you're seeking optimum performance.

Even if you have the best VPN, you can still push it further if you know how it works and how to make the most of the additional features available to you. If you use it right, then you can access tons of content from locations where you aren't.

This means you can watch geo-restricted Netflix content, for example, which would otherwise not be available in your location. This is thanks to the VPN's ability to make you appear somewhere you're not. But more on that below.

Our firm favourite is ExpressVPN because it does everything you could want, does it well, and works especially well on Fire Stick. But when can you best use a VPN on your Fire Stick?

NB: Using a VPN to circumvent Netflix's geo-restrictions is against its Ts&Cs, so you do so at the risk of having your account terminated.

How a VPN works

You may have found the ideal VPN from our list of the ultimate streaming VPN options, or have grabbed a dedicated Netflix VPN. Either way, the VPN itself will work largely in the same way.

When you fire up the VPN it will give you a new IP address, based on servers it has dotted about the world. You can simply pick a location you want and, as if by magic, you'll virtually appear to be there. That means any website or service you use will see your overseas IP address and offer up content based on that location.

This IP front also means that your real IP address and identity are kept hidden and secret. This means you're given an added layer of security and privacy by using a VPN.

How a VPN works on Fire Stick

When it comes to a VPN on Fire Stick you're in luck, since the unit itself is essentially an Android device. That means you have access to tons of apps, and as such, can likely get the official VPN app for your chosen service easily.

Once you've signed up for your VPN, found it in the Amazon Appstore and installed it, you can pick your location. This then means you can virtually hop about the globe, picking and choosing the content you want to watch as you please. 

Once you've got the freedom to find all the content you want, you'll need to know where to look, ideally. We've taken the work out of that for you too, with our article on the best Netflix shows only available in these 8 countries.

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What's the best VPN for Fire Stick?

Our top VPN choice for Fire Stick is ExpressVPN. Not only is it available in the Amazon Appstore but it works well, offering blazing speed, plenty of international server locations, tight security, and a very useful 24/7 live chat support. 

This is ideal if you're having trouble connecting or finding the right server for a particular task, and at any time of day the technicians will be available and happy to help steer you right.

ExpressVPN is the best Fire Stick VPN available.

<a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">ExpressVPN is the best Fire Stick VPN available.
ExpressVPN offers a huge number of servers in more than 90 countries and boasts lightning-quick connection speeds, top-notch security, and split tunneling. So you can watch anything on your Fire Stick while browsing the web through your regular connection.

ExpressVPN can also be installed on a wide range of devices beyond the Fire Stick including Smart TVs, PlayStation or Xbox, PC, phone, or tablet. ExpressVPN can even be installed directly on your router, making it even easier to watch shows and movies on all your devices.

And now, Tom's Guide readers can claim three free months of ExpressVPN, plus you'll also get a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can make sure it's the right service for you.

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